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mubz- ur fault relates to an air/fuel sensor for the engines ecu. this is covered under warranty if u are in the 60k/3yr bracket. the sensor itself sits in the exhaust manifold and measures the ammount of unburnt oxygen in the exhaust fumes and sends a signal back to the ecu. these sensors normally break-up (the join between the 2 signal wires breaks, thus stopping any signals getting to the ecu) due to the different temperatures they are exposed to when used. hope this helps ur understanding

smelly air-cons- there is a recall on some models please ask at lexus dealership if your having this issue to see if they can do anything for you under warranty. this smell is normally an occurance from the air-con being used for short distances- getting cold and damp and then sitting there warming back up and growing into mould. to help this if your only doing short trips try not to use ur air-con, or if you can use it for a longer period (on cold) so it has time to get really cold and kill off any bacteria and stopping it from smelling.

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