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Hi Chaps, took my GS300 Sport MK1 in for a service (it's first since I boought it a few weeks back) and a few problems became apparent.

The fuel lines are absolutely shot! Now I guess that Lexus replacements are going to be VERY expensive so can anyone point me in the right

direction for an alternative supplier? Also, the rear springs need replacing so if you could help me out on that one as well it would be greatly


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There seems to be quite a lot of confusion in the dealers regarding the springs on the sport. I'm not sure anyone has managed to get the right thing via the dealers but it is worth a shot. Failing that, I replaced my springs all round with a set of RS*R Downs. I got mine from Envy Performance (google should bring them up), there are probably other places that can get them too. I think Monster Mat on here may be able to get them too, so you would need to PM him. Mat is not around at the moment, but should be back at somepoint. So I wouldn't expect an immediate reply from him.

As far as the fuel lines go, a would've thought any garage could just run a new line in, without needing Lexus parts, in much the same way as brake lines.

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Why are things that you think are going to be relatively simple turn out to be a drama?

Got in touch with Envy and they no longer supply the springs. Lexus dealers are struggling! I found these on eBay that MIGHT do the trick.

They're 35mm lowering springs for the GS300. So, would I be correct in assuming that they would then be right for the Sport? Was the Sport

lowered by 35mm over the standard gs300?

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