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Back Again!

Matt Hillyard

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Hi All,

Been away for what feels like an age but back on!!!

For those that dont know me, im Matt 24 from Ipswich and have a 2004 Granite Sky IS200 SE.

The car is all stock atm apart from...

Sports Grille

Rear fog mod

LED sidelights

LED numberplate lights

LED interior lights

Hoping within a few weekends will have:

35mm drop on Apex springs (to be replaced with BC coilovers eventually)

New brighter Headlight bulbs

De tango'd rear lights and side repeaters

New Numberplates

Possibly detango'd headlights (not sure about cooking my headlights??)

Painted Calipers with Lexus Logo






What you guys and girls think??.........................Opinions Please!!!! :tomato:

Oh and my toys for the sunny weekends!!!!....

2005 Yamaha R6

Long list of things but packed with KR Tuned Exhaust, Giles Rearsets, Ohlins steering Damper and as much carbon fibre as i could find!!!!!



Orange MsIsle

Full dirt jump/race bike packed with top of the line everything!!!




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Thank you!!!! :)

And yes i think i might have a slight death wish so i guess having the Lexus to cushion my butt after the bikes! :rolleyes:

:lol: So it's a bit like the luxury after the 'near miss' :D

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