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All Fixed N Painted


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Its been a while since i posted my car up, at a driftday a few months ago i done a boo-boo on a very fast corner, i came to a stop in some tyres after the barriers failed to stop me, considering the speed i was carrying and what i hit i was let off quite lightly i reckon




Rear Bumper


Rear TRD lip



Some people said i was crazy but i didnt let it stop me :hehe:


After a few weeks i managed to get holf of a second hand rear bumper that needed a repair as it has acid down 1 side of it


I also nearly gave up on finding a replacement TRD rear lip until ORMI was able to get hold of a brand new one for a decent price (Cheers again dude)

So after having the parts repaired and replaced i got it all stuck back together and im happy with it again :) I was worried about fitting my parts incase the colour match was night and day but its spot on B)





The only thing i have left to fit is my driver side sideskirt, iv been having trouble sourcing a rubber seal for it as there unavailabe from anywhere unless u buy TRD skirts as far as im aware.

After annoying a Toyota partsman for long enough we ordered a similar looking seal from japan (part No- 76925-13010-CO) which i believe is from some sort of corolla, it is a tad chunkier than the original but it seems as though its the closest im gonna get

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looking good matey looking good!!!is your exhaust missing a hanger?looks like its out of alighn??

It does sit slightly lower than it did, its the best i could get it as it needed some custom fabrication as it snapped off and split the seam of the pipe behind the back box, some of the pipe was also flattend so had to be replaced

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