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Is300 Or Gs300?


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I doubt there's a big difference in terms of costs, the GS might use a little more fuel but otherwise things should be pretty close. More depends on what kind of car you want. The GS will be more comfortable but less engaging to drive. It's also a considerably larger car. It's really up to personal choice, best to drive both and see what you think.

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Watch out for the extra length -I recently took home a GS450h thinking it wasnt that much bigger - wrong!! over hung onto the pavement where as my IS300 fitted nicely between wall and did not overhang onto the pavement.

Tried an IS250 which also fitted OK, so i'm in the process of buying one now :) (IS250 SE MultiMedia)

Might also be worth looking at the boot, GS450h has a tiny boot because of the Battery pack - check out if the GS300 is that much better.

The IS300 is a wonderfull drive, smooth and swift without any fuss or drama, but the GS was a smoother ride over bumpier surfaces and even quieter inside.

Good luck!!

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Well my 200 is the smoothest and most comfy thing ive ever drove, and I want more of that. So the gs300 would be best?

And it wouldn't be a new one. probably the same age as my 200, about 10 years old.

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