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  1. It's not an issue, the IS has a bit of an annoying throttle setup. Putting the car in snow mode makes it a bit smoother in traffic.
  2. Bit late to the conversation but from everything I've heard the IS300 is a very different car to the IS200 (not just bigger engine/more power) so definitely worth considering. Don't forget the IS300 came as a manual in other markets (the US being one) so a manual swap is probably easier than with some other cars. Keep an eye out on as things like this will pop up every now and then (once you get your IS300 of course!)
  3. The speed pulse wire looks like it might be a problem - doing some research it looks like wireless carplay/android auto won't work if this wire isn't connected - if you don't hook it up then you have to go wired (which was specifically why I wanted this unit lol). I guess I'm going to have to find the wire to tap into, or otherwise no point in going for this model.
  4. Hi mate, good to see some of the old members still around! It was just 4 years it was stored for but fired up first crank no hesitation 🙂 My bluetooth phone/music kit has died so ripping all that out and just want to replace it with a double din android auto unit. As an aside question, thinking of getting this Kenwood unit: Glancing through the instructions, it says to connect the speed pulse input and parking brake wire - are these both necessary for it to work? And if so, does anyone know where I can find the right connections for these in the car?
  5. Cool, I had been looking at this which looks like the same kit. Be careful with that ebay link as from the pic it doesn't look like the right ISO adapter.
  6. Yep that's the style of one I've seen a few times that I hadn't seen in the past - is this a good fit and match to the dash?
  7. Good question, if it's actually the limited edition model it's somehow lost the body kit and wheels - the yellow was otherwise not a colour available in the UK but not sure if you could special order it.
  8. That car looks a bit weird, the Amarillo special edition came with the TTE bodykit and wheels, while that car looks like a standard Sport in yellow (which from what I remember was not a colour you could order).
  9. Hi all, used to be a regular member on here but have been living overseas for a few years and the Lexus has been in storage - hello if any of the old members are still around! Just returned and put the IS back on the road, but looking to replace the headunit with a double DIN to add android auto. The go-to used to be the autoleads fascia kit, but now see there are a few others which in photos look a bit better, does anyone have any recommendations on which is the best match to the dash? I tried searching but couldn't find anything, although that could just be my lack of searching skills!
  10. No they were an accessory option for the GS. Looks good, always liked those wheels on the GS.
  11. Ahh didn't realise it was so much cheaper on ebay than on their website - in that case that's a decent price even with shipping.
  12. Ok if you can have someone bring it over from the US, otherwise may as well get the NAV TV unit as it only costs a tiny bit more and they're based in the UK - LINK Nice job though, simple to fit? P.S. I like the music :)
  13. I had a low idle problem with my IS200 recently, dealer did a throttle body clean and now all is well - worth checking out :)
  14. Personally seems a lot easier to just buy the GROM adapter - simply plug it into the back of the stereo and away you go! :winky:
  15. This thread for the front seat may help - LINK Assuming the rears are set up in a similar way to the front, it looks like you might need to get the seat out before you'd be able to remove the headrest. Totally bizarre if you ask me, especially as the headrests in other cars are electric but can be removed quite easily!
  16. As TF mentions you can try turning the satnav volume up but it is a potential flaw of the system. I think cutting all audio is a bit severe and for passengers listening to something will end up cutting the sound too much, but our Mercedes cuts all front speakers which is probably the best compromise. Having said that I prefer it just being the drivers corner as no one else is really bothered by the instructions except the driver.
  17. Doesn't it mute the drivers speaker when the satnav speaks? Sounds like you might need to turn up the satnav volume (or maybe the radio is too loud ) The way the Lexus system works I don't think you can completely mute the radio if that's what you are trying to do.
  18. That is the blag of the century! How did you make that happen? Just ask nicely? :winky:
  19. Have you seen this thread - could be everything you're looking for and more as it's on an 05 plate and fully loaded within budget. LINK
  20. Wow, I'm so jealous! What do I need to do to have a go!! That looks so awesome, must have been a fantastic day :D
  21. You got to drive it! So jealous, what was it like? I'm dying to just hear the engine in the flesh :winky:
  22. My guess would be not many, seeing as I've only ever seen about 5 on the roads...........seems to be confirmed by which suggests roughly 700 of each 200 and 300 sportcross exist currently.
  23. Definitely an SE with optional parking sensors - the SE-L only has 2 parking sensors on the front, yours has 4 :) Price does seem a little steep even if it was a Lexus dealer but if you're happy with the car then what does it really matter!
  24. Wish I hadn't seen this, will they bolt straight on to an IS200?
  25. Refurb will cost £200 probably, but those tyres look brand new in which case that's not a horrendous price.
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