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2Nd Opinion On Discs


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Lo Guys,

Can anyone tell me if my discs are the right way round as i'm not totally convinced the rear ones are correct. I've also posted the front ones just incase. On both images the front of the car is towards the right direction :P

Excuse the dirty wheels i know it's a sin, but i don't have a drive now :(





I don't have much luck when it comes to rotation direction, when i first got the car from a Lexus garage the front wheels had the wrong rotation on them. So im double checking these from you guys.

Just found this little bit about rotational discs and it would suggest that my discs are correctly installed..i think..


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front are diff from the rear mate....the rear is right and the front is wrong,you need to swap the front disks around,ie o/s/f on to the n/s/f and the n/s/f on to the o/s/f

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front are diff from the rear mate....the rear is right and the front is wrong,you need to swap the front disks around,ie o/s/f on to the n/s/f and the n/s/f on to the o/s/f

Right after doing hrs and hrs of research, and feedback from store that sold me the discs, i've come to this conclusion:-

Slots/gooves can be installed facing either way, it's down to personal taste, the actual benefit is very little either way for my type of driving style. One way always has advantage over the other.

If the gooves are in the direction like on my first image then this helps throw dust/water away from the disc. (note the gooves cut right into the outside of the disc)

If the discs are installed like image 2 then this helps draw cold air into the disc but in this direction the braking is more agressive, so the pads will wear down tad faster than if they are installed the other way round (this ofcourse depends on your driving style, and how hard you brake etc).

The only exceptions to the rules above are specialist discs (e.g EBC turbo grooved discs) which have curved vanes (vents in the middle of the discs which draw hot air away from disc). These are specific directional rotation and must be installed on a specific side of the car. So basically the curved vanes are piroity importance rather than the direction of the grooves/slots.

The front discs i have are the 3G RS-10 discs, after contacting the manufacturer they said the vanes are not curved, so they can be installed either side of the car. It's down to personally perference. See image below

3G discs.


Now, as the front ones have vanes (not curved, just straight) anyway, which helps cooling, it would make more sense to have the grooves throw out dirt, whilst the rear ones i have have should be placed so the grooves help channel cool air into the disc (it's a soild one piece brake disc).

Obviously, always contact the store/manufacturer if in doubt.

Yes Ormi, when i was at the garage we all thought so too and if it wasn't already 5PM (garage closing time), i would have got the front swopped round. (but after some research im glad i didn't tbh, after seeing the image and feedback). Also as ive had the front discs on for well over 10 months i would have had to swop the pads together with the discs. So by all account i think i will keep the disc the way they are on the car. You know what they say if its not broken don't try and fix it lol.

p.s also installed Goodridge brakelines. Already feel the difference and the rear brakes have not even been beded in yet.

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