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Potential Is200 Owner - Help Need Please...


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Hello, I'm Rob - been keeping an eye on this forum for a while, finally decided to take the plunge and put a deposit down on a 2002 IS200 SE Auto this morning. One thing concerned me slightly and I'd like your help if possible.

Inside the boot I removed the carpet and the plastic tool tray/cover to check that everything was straight and no signs of a rear impact - everything looked spot on apart from one thing that caught my eye. It's the section of the boot that the spare wheel sits in - this has a seam running all the way around it to join it to the actual body, on this particular example the sealant paste stuff that is run along the seam is a white/beige colour (everything else blue) and it's a bit messy (although consistant along the entire seam).

So this has got me thinking - is this a sign of the vehicle having been in an accident, should the sealant be the same colour as the body or has it been applied after it left the factory? and has it been applied by hand, as opposed to a nice smooth factory/robot applied sealant?

If someone would be kind enough to take a quick look and let me know if it's similar to what I have said then at least I know it's how they all are.

To many this will sound a pointless issue but it's nagging away at me and before I complete the purchase I want to be sure the car is how it should be.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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