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The Search For An Is 300

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I have just joined the LOC forums as I'm aiming to become a Lexus owner. Background details on me and my cars are in the post I have just put up in the New Members area.

To cut to the chase, I live in Scotland, and I'm looking for an IS 300 - preferably the saloon, but I haven't ruled out the Sportcross. Ideally I'd like a decent, clean, unmolested 5-7 year old car with well under 100k miles, proper full history and not too many previous owners. But then that's what everyone wants! Basically I don't want to acquire someone else's headaches, nor live with the results of a previous driver's neglect or mistreatment of a good car...

Any advice or tips about where to look? Comments on saloon v Sportcross, from a driver's point of view (we don't need to transport kids or dogs)? The IS 300 is a lot scarcer than the 200, and both seem to be almost too old to feature in dealers p/x stocks. But on the other hand I tend to be wary of eBay bargain deals.

Also, supposing I spot one that looks promising, what are the key points to check? A quick scan of the forum suggests cambelt change is vital, windscreen leaks a possible problem, and I've noted a few other niggles. What about the dreaded four letter word (rust)?

I'd welcome any thoughts especially from those who know the cars well...

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