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Dashboard/stereo Leds


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I'm not a fan of the green button illumination in my new car so thought I'd do something about it, and try to match the instrument cluster colours. I searched the web to see if somebody had already made a list of what was needed, but the best I could find was a link to a shop in the US which was charging $900 for them to carry out the work :o

I wanted to change the main dash buttons around the displays, the radio, window switch controls, steering wheel controls etc.

I ended up taking the dash apart, working out what was needed and then having to take it all apart again to actually do the job once the LEDs arrived, so to save anybody else that wants to do this the same trouble, I thought I'd post up a list of what is required!

I went for a white and blue mix, just like the speedo/instruments. Excuse the poor quality photo, and this was before I'd finished doing the engine start/stop button:


The mod probably takes 3-5 hours plus maybe an hour to disassemble/reassemble the dash and trim parts. You'll need a steady hand, a decent soldering iron (ideally temperature controlled to avoid killing the SMD LEDs) and normal soldering kit. Probably not ideal for someone with no soldering experience here is an idea of how small the LEDs are:

Oh and don't forget to disconnect the Battery! Especially important when removing the steering wheel controls....

LEDs required

I'd recommend using named quality LEDs like kingbright or liteon from somewhere reputable like RS rather than cheap no-name rubbish from eBay.

Main dash controls/display panel (non navigation)

Illumination (button text): 32x 1206 LEDs

Indication lights (little light above button text): 9x 1206 LEDs

Security light: 1x 1206 LED

Airbag enabled light: 3x 1206 LEDs for each state (on/off, so 6 in total)

Passenger seatbelt light: 1x 1206 LED (I didn't change this from red)


Buttons: 2x 0603 LEDs each (10 buttons total = 20 LEDs)

2x rotary knobs: 8x 0603 LEDs each

Loading/ready indicators: 2x 0603 LEDs of each colour (4 in total). One colour flashes when preparing to load, one colour shows when you can insert a disc.

Steering wheel controls (will depend on your model, below is for non navigation/bluetooth)

Left side: 5x PLCC-2 LEDs

Right side: 2x PLCC-2 LEDs

Window controls

Driver side: 1x 1206 LED for each window button (4 total) and 1x 1206 LED for door lock button

Passenger side: 1x 1206 LED for window button and 1x 1206 LED for door lock button


Cigarette lighter is a 'push fit' type bulb, so needs replacing with an 3/5mm LED and resistor.

Engine start button is a 3mm LED

Traction control, boot & fuel filler release buttons are twist-fit bulbs. 3/5mm LED and resistor required.

Heater vent wheels use a 3mm LED. It is a bit of a pain to coax out.

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