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Which Years Have The Aux Input?

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I'm hoping to join the GS 450h gang soon but would really like an Aux socket, for Spotify, reading out text messages, emails etc. through my android phone.

Am I correct in assuming that it is only the 2008+ models with the wing mirror indicators that have an Aux socket?

I've seen a £12.5k 2007 SE 88k with the wing mirror indicators from an indie which looks a bit too good to be true, so assuming there's a catch. The next cheapest within 100 miles of me (2008 model), is a SE-L, 50k miles, £21k from a Lexus dealer.

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That's what I thought.........

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That's what I thought.........

LOL ...... 1 spammer - 3 identities now beaten (in a very friendly manner of course :whistling: ) to a pulp & removed from forum life :winky:

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