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  1. it does absolutely nothing for the paint chips! but then it is only polish after all! I would consider the interior though as the seats can easily get marked on the IS.
  2. Hi, I had the Supaguard treatment done, interia seems to clean quite easily just with a damp cloth. Not really noticed much difference to the paint. My advice would be don't pay for it! try to get it thrown in for free!!!
  3. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could get hold of a sun visor for my is200? My wife has just burned it with a cigarette. Sadly my car is a non-smoking zone, so how that happened I will never know! Lexus are looking to charge £96, which seems quite steep if you ask me. I guess I can use my Team Lexus membership can't I? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. It’s a 51 plate with black interior. Cheers Andy :(:(:(:(:(:(
  4. If you have had decent cars in the past try an underwriter, you will get bundles knocked off. :P
  5. Why is it such a long wait? you can get one tomorrow in most dealers!!
  6. I got a keyring!!! and a superguard clean (fancy wax I think). I asked for Sat Nav but you can only get Sat Nav on a new car and mine was 4 months old.
  7. I would if I could!!:( Ive got a 500 mile round trip this weekend though in the lex
  8. When I bought my car it had some serious chips on the bonnet and bumper, so I asked the dealer to fix them before I collected the car, big mistake!!:mad: the colour they used to touch up is several shades darker and they look far worse than before!!:( I have the blue IS and I am finding it scratches and chips like mad. Every time I drive it I find another. I think I will go and have them done by an expert. I took my last car to a paint specialist and it came back looking like new!!
  9. You guys are lucky, I have to hand the keys to my lex every morning to my wife :o . As I work in London I get the train so I drive to the station in the 106 ski (diesel)!!! The weekends are all mine though!!! :smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin:
  10. Hi Andy, Great car! (I would say that as its exactly the same as mine!!) Agree about the power, I think the big let down with the IS is that is sounds so good! You just expect that bit more when you put your foot down. Mine has 5K on it now and it just keeps getting better. Enjoy Andy T
  11. I noticed the pipping and the brakes! thanks for that Andy
  12. Im an It Consultant for an Email Marketing Company in London. I also do web and Email design.
  13. Hi Guys, Just a bit of a query regarding light clusters. I got my IS 200 about a month ago now it was four months old on a 51 plate. I have always thought the lights looked different to most IS200's as they seem smoked! is this a Lexus extra?? I have the body kit is it part of this? Cheers Andy
  14. thanks for the reply Dave! so its got dalmations on!! good job the sport has tints on the back windows. I tried one from Halfords but it does not stay on because of the centre headrest and shape of the seats!
  15. Hi Guys, Great site and info board! Just wondering is anyone has come across a rear seat cover for the IS200. I have contaced Lexus who do not seem to do one! Andy