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  1. Hi all, please follow this link for details on how to convert your rear fog lights to also act as brake lights - these details also allow the fogs to act normally if required. BE AWARE THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT ROAD LEGAL AND IS DESIGNED FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY. CLIck link for the WORD DOC
  2. solution found. thread closed
  3. hahaha they are having a laugh mate... i was there a few months ago and bought another bracket assy for the throttle body and it was 25 CHF
  4. hi all, wondering if anyone has found a source for the rear wheel hub to rear suspension arm bushing??? apparently its an item that fails on the GS300 quite often. here is a pic... its the bush where the white dot is.... any assistance appreciated.
  5. answer has been found - topic can be closed
  6. hi al, been trying to find some info on the silver ECU extension, i have had one sitting oon the table for years and never fitted it, the black ECU died last night so time to fit the silver one.... Anyone know the purpose of the small toggle switch next to the LED and what position it should be in? the destructions seem to show it closest to the connector but its not 100% clear. maybe this is 1 for mat?
  7. why dont you put the lights on and look yourself??
  8. suggest you get some glasses then as its shown on EVERY single drawing of the diff.
  9. you cant without hacking bits off the instrument cluster- leave it alone
  10. you are incorrect - i am not a prolific poster on out law # Yes it is true I still come on but dont post too much (as you can see). I mainly come on to have a look at some the wierd and wonderful advice given to the new members in recent times. A wheel question springs to mind straight away where the poster was given completly incorrect info by someone that should have known a lot better. I do note that some questions have been conviently ignored tho. Stav : I would just change yours back as the pathetic excuse for an individual ( you know the type - the one that everybody at school took the pissh out of) wont come forward. hey it took a few dyas for "management" to even reply so no one is bothered, just goes to show it blows goats big time.
  11. If anyone clicks the link in Stav's signature you will end up with this.....
  12. Oh dear now that is really really sad, and of course no one has the balls to come forward and say " hey stav i changed your signature because of blah blah blah..." no they would rather hide in the shadows and say feck all - as normal. i am really tying to be polite but im finding it increasingly difficult with the current continued obsession by certain moderators to try prevent anyone knowing about out law jap clb or other websites. All seems very odd, and TBH this site recently has become a steaming cess pit of shyte given the current mode of operation. but anyway this will all be :tsktsk:
  13. yes the other forum mentioned in the banner was #. the mods on here delete any form of reference to it because it was set up by former members of this site and I can only assume it is viewed as some form of threat to this site, as i dont believe it has been fully explained why they dont like it and consider it as detrimental. I can only assume that due to the recent events when some mods went on a power trip and pisssss people off the long term members left. My guess is if there is no reference to # then members will not know of its existance and will not visit or transfer. HOWEVER this is not the first time something like this has happened - a site was set up some years ago by another group of former members and the people who also joined the "opposition forum" received warning letters from LOC and were TOLD to publicly apologise for daring to visit another forum. If they didnt apologise they were no longer welcome on LOC and were banned. I had a warning letter also but if anyone thought they could dictate to me which forums i can join or visit then they can shove wasps up their arse - but then again some may like that
  14. If you own your own jump leads and are colour blind why dont you write RED and BLACK on them. Sparking is quite normal when connecting leads as you have electron flow.
  15. thats the biggest load of shyte i have seen in my life and i took a massive dump this morning!
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