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  1. When reversing in the dark, try putting on your 4 way flashers and your rear foglights! My son has my rx400h now and I have moved on to a Tesla MS85. The reversing camera has brilliant night vision, so if you get hold of an aftermarket one and install the monitor on the dash that should solve your problem. Good luck!
  2. When I bought my new 55 400 h Lexus charged me £200 to remove the bars and replace with those covers. Unnfortunately I ended up with water running down the inside channels and Lexus said it caused damage to some of the electronics. The car was taken back after approx 3 months and swapped for brand new one a year younger 56 with better satnav etc. I was pleased! I doubt that it was damaged by the water ( the old story of check vsc ,check hybrid etc. see other old posts), but I was plagued with water in the boot under the floor which happened again on the new 56 one. They said the reason for the 55 car leaks was 'cos Lexus didn't seal the holes with silicon and couldn't blame me as they had done it ..for £200! They sealed them up second time round! I am not certain whether the roof plates were entirely to blame on both cars as I eventually traced another leak into the boot from the rubber grommet on the top lip under the boot door. I siliconed that and the leak stopped. So this is just to say watch out for leaks in the boot! BTW, I asked the Lexus garage what happened to the 55 car and he said...they scrapped it as they couldn't find the fault.!!! £45K worth of scrap !! Wow. BUT I found out what was wrong as it happened again on my current 56 car It was a weak 12volt battery! I went out and bought an Optima yellow to DEEP CYCLE battery and the problems went away for good!!! But LEXUS won't be told! I believe Tesla had the same problem with their Model S and swapped to a deep cycle 12v battery. Problems solved! End of rant!!!!
  3. If any of you guys decide to order, please tell Jack Chen at Enginer that Billy Garrett in the UK told you about it. He promised me $100 for any successful referrals!!!!!!! But that was 4 or 5 years ago, so I bet he has forgotten!!!!
  4. I think it was arond $2000 but that was 5 or 6 years ago....
  5. My initial plan was to go for the model X, but my wife doesn't like the Falcon wing doors and the range is less altgough the accelleration is better at 4.2 0 to 60 mph BUT it won't be out till some time next year and there are no pricces and specs yet. I am told there would be a good trade in value if I want to change then... I think £71 k is enough to spend!!!! The X is a crossover SUV so it is higher like the 400h, but the S has air suspenion that can go quite high. But I wonder if it is high enough...I hope so! But the falcon doors are only good for rear passengers, so I don't see the point for me...the driver!!!
  6. Yes. It works better around town to prevent the engine from starting. My village is up a long hill and that is what kills the mpg!
  7. I had to do some mods as it is designed for the Prius.
  8. Yep nothing to worry about! Just let it rust away and he will sell you another one!!!! Get the Waxoyl out and giveit a good dose of it!!!!!
  9. Me too! My wife says she is embarrased having the neighbours seeing us with 3 cars but I am hoping to be able to squeeze then all into the garage if shift a load of stuff to one end!!
  10. 4 Kw It was intially very high at around 70 or 80 mpg when I wa driving no faster that 35 to 40 mph But the novelty has worn off now as I am very busy and need to dash around faster so I get around 35 to 40 mpg.. driving around at 50 to 60 mph But I see the main advantage that t shoulkd improve the cars traction battery life since it doesn't do so many charge discharge cycles and stays mosnearly fully charged alot more of heh time...... The car is nearly 8 years old and drives like new...
  11. Yeah..but my RX is only worth £10K and I bought it for £45K new and put a load of extras on it, incuding the Enginer plug in kit! I hope I will be allowed to keep it...
  12. Yes, I have recently crawled under my 400h and to my horror there was a lot of rust on the rear subframe and suspension arms etc, so I dug out my tin of Waxoyl and now it looks much better! Unfortunatley I have been persuaded to buy a Tesla Model S which is due late November so I may have to part with my beloved 400h unless I can persuade my wife to let me have 2 cars along with her Citroen in the drive or garage. So it looks as if I won't need the set of 3 new winter tyres (the 4th got a puncture) and 5 alloys that I bought for it when the forecast snow last year. Another eBay job I guess! BTW, can I suggest you guys drop down the spare wheel and check it for corrosion. Mine was in a very bad state with the chrome peeling off...
  13. See my previous post which said: You can make a replacement rod with 2 ends for approx.£10.from Rapid Electronics (competitors to Farnells and RS etc) OR pay over £100 for a new complete unit. This has been posted in one the forums last year , but I forget which one... My garage did a repair for coppers anyway! It looks like a miniature double ended track rod end. It is prbably snapped because the top end has sezed. I did a temporary repair by joining the broken rod using some heat shrink sleeving and it lasted nearly 3 years until the MOT man spotted it!!! He missed it twice before!!! It worked well 'cos the rubber sleeving allowed the flexing! You will find it attached to the rear offsid axle and is attached to a potentiometer. You would have to buy the entire unit otherwise and that is expensive, around £200 . The fitting charge is a rip off. My garage did the repair for almost free!!! It worked well but he didn't like it!!!
  14. If your reversing then surely there will not be a driver behind you.......... :D I have no doubt you could fit a different camera with better night illumination, a CMOS chip version with 1 lux rating will be fine, looks good on my ML. That's true. And what if the driver is in front of you when you have your headlights on while reversing. Won't he be just as blinded then.....