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  1. Gareth, Just read your review on Aberdeen and added my own one. I was only £80 for my 10,000 mile service last June. They really have lost the plot now since the new management team has taken over !
  2. Will do. Yes was really hacked off with Aberdeen which is why I resorted to buying a BMW, a sort of protest I suppose. I wouldn't mind but I gave them a fantastic review on buying my previous 2 cars and was even used as a satisfied customer in my local independent newspaper where I bragged about Lexus no end. Much to the amusement of my workmates offshore when they got hold of the press cutting ! I suppose all in all I feel really let down by Aberdeen which is why my loyalty to the brand has suffered.
  3. Gareth, Have you noticed any difference in Lexus Aberdeen since the mass resignation of half the staff last year. I tried hard to get a deal on a RX 300 and they were not even interested ?
  4. You don't fancy one in Silver do you. Its 11 months old Sport Styling edition with the 18" lexus alloys. 9500 miles and unmarked and no kerbed alloys. I paid £24,500 but I'd be looking for £19,500. Just a thought. Its going anyway as a trade in but my new car doesn't arrive for 2 weeks so I can still sell it private. If you do go for a factory order can I sugest adding the TRD side skirts as a dealer fit as the TTE factory fitted kit doesn't come with any and I think it makes a hell of a difference. The pictures of the car are in the gallery ,think its page 25 (R2 MAD). It was my avatar but for some reason its disappeared ?
  5. Brian, Are you kidding, I think the Lexus brand is the business and am I really sorry it has to go but exclusive it most certainly is not now. I think if you drove anywhere near the Aberdeen area you would see the roads are full of them. I read in the motoring press that Lexus sales are down 46% on this time last year. I think they have become a victim of their own success as they are now too common a sight on the roads up north.
  6. Well after owning 2 IS200s I have decided that the Lexus has to go. Due to the fact that we have a new addition to the family and that Lexus Aberdeen offered me a paltry £18,500 for my 10 month old £24,500 Sport Styling addition IS against an RX 300 :megaangry: I've decided to jump ship and have bought a new BMW 320D Sport Touring. So I wish all in the club the very best and thank everyone for their help in answering previously posted queries. Hopefully I may return to the brand when the new IS200 is finally unvieled and Alan Partridge hopefully buys something else. I think he has single handedly killed the used IS values !!!
  7. Thanks for the replies, most reassuring. I phoned my local dealer today and he tried to put me into an IS 200 Sportcross out next month he said. I'm glad I posted this on the site though as it sounds like the current car will be okay and I've saved myself about £5000 . Cheers.
  8. My wife is expecting our first baby in December and the it looks like the IS has to go. Thinking of upgrading to RX 300 or IS300 Sportcross. Anyone got any idea of the boot size on the sportcross compared to the Saloon. Paid £24,500 for my IS 4 months ago. Thinking around £22,000 private ?
  9. Mine also has the P Zero Rossos. My old IS was a 2000 model with Bridgestone RE040s. I went to a Bridgestone Dealer to change them and he told me that these were tyres for the Japanese market and were too soft for our crap roads. He said the S02s and SO3s were ment for Europe . I changed to the S03s and they were spot on, much better wear rate. They can't have changed the tyres for cost as I believe the P Zeros are a small fortune to replace !
  10. Hopefully I can help with this. Had the same problem with the passenger seat in my last Lexus which was a year 2000 IS 200 Se. The seat would squeek and click away and did my head in. If you pushed down hard in the centre of the seat it would disappear. Took it back to Lexus Aberdeen and the Mechanic said we've had quite a few of these. I think they replaced a part in the seat frame base . It was all done under warranty so you should all be covered.
  11. Graeme, Looks really good. Have you lost any headlight output at night ?
  12. Rodders , I hope you didn't spoil the look of the interior and went for the leather baby seat. My wife says I'm sad because I want something that matches the car interior. Mind you I priced one at £260 for leather so looks like the cloth will have to do !!!
  13. You should get an invitation from your local dealer if you're a golfer . Each dealership should have there own tournament with the best 4 scores going through to the next round. All you need is a handicap from a recognised club or golf soceity. The dealership arranges the invites but the tournament is ran by guys from Lexus GB so there's no cheating !!
  14. Just been to the Aberdeen qualifying section of the Lexus International Golf Challenge. Great day with free golf, free food and more importantly a free bar all day courtesy of Lexus UK. Would you believe they had a IS 200 as a prize for a hole in one ! Unfortunately I didn't win it . If I had the plan was to trade in both against an SC !! Dreamin ! Anyway just wondered if anyone else attended any other dealership qualifying rounds. The final is in the States in December.
  15. Claire, Sounds like a Sportcross could solve all your problems, apart from the paint of course !