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  1. Happy Birthday Matthew_McNally!

  2. The following document have been made available exclusively to Lexus Owners Club members, courtesy of Jim Walker and motjebben. The first document, was prepared by Jim Walker details the removal of the circuit boards Instructions for circuit board removal, ready for cold cathode replacement of burnt out needles The second document, as prepared by motjebben details the installing of the cold cathode needles. Instruction to fix Lexus Instrument Panel Needles
  3. Yesterday I learned that if I floor my car out of the trap on the M6 toll, it will reach mumblemumblecough MPH quite impressively, and give me 1.7 MPG whilst doing so.Not sure if I was happy or sad at this :/

  4. is hoping no-one was filming him rocking out to Guitar Hero: Metallica earlier

  5. Dance with Dragons, delivered wirelessly to my Kindle, the day its released - without me needing to leave the house? Fantastic.Got to give it to Amazon - whether you like the form factor or not - their ecosystem around Kindle is brilliant.

  6. Just setup a new XP virtual machine (lol) and running windows update.Gonna be here a while I think! At least it reboots quickly enough

  7. Why do we think "WHOO HOO! Tax rebate!" when we know full well its only the tax man giving us back the excess he stole from us last year?

    1. janey


      LOL how true ;-)

  8. DO NOT use these forums to discuss driving like a tool on the public highways. try asking on Max Power - there are people on there who might be impressed
  9. pretty certain they are the standard wheels painted black. would look quite nice on a darker car
  10. the best feature of the LS400 is the ride. smooth and silent - you have to practically take it off road to start feeling bad road surfaces. second is the effortless delivery of the power - you really dont feel the car accelerating
  11. 20" is a bit too big I think - probably 19" is the best size. larger than 19" and I think the wheels start looking too big for the car
  12. I had my windscreen replaced, and asked the same question - was told by the RAC Autowindscreen people they had to use OEM trim and glass, they were not alowed to fit anything else
  13. Daniel do NOT use our forums to discuss this sort of crap. Do it again, and it will be your last post ;)
  14. please do not use these forums to discuss driving like a moron on public roads.
  15. Yes - I have. Exterior Interior I think its a nice combination :) which model are you thinking of?
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