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  1. Thanks Neil - haven't thought it through to which model year - I have been taking a look at cars for sale and prices. Ideally I want a low mileage example in a dark colour with a dark interior. Most I see seem to have light coloured interiors so the dark with black leather low mileage example may be a rare bird!
  2. Interesting - says only 1 of 52 sold in that colour. Personally, I've never seen one in that colour. Does it have the correct wheels for a sport?
  3. Hi Thomas, thanks for the info - will watch the youtube vids as well. To be honest I have an EML on my IS300 - the lambda sensors seem to go on older cars. I like the blue colour on your one - I dont think im going to buy one before spring unless an exceptional one comes up for sale. cheers
  4. Hi all, I am a long term Lexus owner, have had my IS300 aero since new. I am thinking about getting an SC430, like the idea of a V8 and a sporty convertible. What should I look for and what are the main problems that an SC430 can have? Thanks in advance
  5. Quite a few factors can affect the value... what colour is it? how is the body work? how is the interior leather? any signs of rust on the rear sills / wheel arches? Full service history? Any wheel corrosion? engine management light on or off? how much MOT left? Tyres in good nick, even wear? has the wheel alignment been done? When was the timing belt changed? If it has full service history, is a dark colour with good interior and not too many scrapes and dents outside it can be £1,500. Subtract money for faults like an EML, rust.
  6. Hi all, I am thinking about upgrading my 2003 IS300 Sport to a fairly recent (ish) IS300h F Sport. Now this is a big step for me as I have not bought a new car since 2003 when I got my IS300 from Lexus. I love this car but it is getting older and it uses quite a lot of fuel driving to and from the lake district. I was thinking about an IS300h F Sport in black with black interior. Now should I go for the fancy Takumi F Sport model and is it possible to find the holy grail of a black one with takumi and mark levinson audio? I was probably going for a 2016/17 model. I tested one yesterd
  7. Yeah like it, smart car looks good in that colour!
  8. These pages from the repair manual cound be of help!Agw5WaqnlFk9g7ob6hxKT8g6VTV4zg?e=JlEKNf!Agw5WaqnlFk9g7kNyYvYuGu1Hsam1w?e=zRm5I6
  9. I've been having the same issue. Is the pump easy to get to?
  10. Wow - £5,000 for this IS300 with styling kit seems a bit much. If it was black with black interior at 50,000 miles then it would be worth something like that. A couple of years ago I saw the values go right down but seems like prices are on the up.
  11. Gumtree or Ebay breakers yards are your best bet. Kensington green is one of the lowest selling colours in the range so you may have problems finding the right colour - I know respraying is expensive..
  12. Yes i do actually have them, i sold the car but they are still here for sale

  13. You wouldn't still have these wheels going spare would you?
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