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  1. Sounds like the connnector to the sensor has not been properly reattached. As a precaution best to take it back to the mechanic that did the work for a double check.
  2. You're right - definitely worth getting a second quote. I ended up using someone else and they put some Aircon stopleak and regassed it. Seems to be holding up so far but as it was £60 was definitely worth a try. Fingers crossed it keeps the gas in and I can continue to have an air conditioned car, makes all the difference!
  3. was it a relatively easy fix? did it do the job and is the system still blowing cold?
  4. Can anyone recommend a place to buy a condensor and compressor for the AC system please?
  5. My 2003 IS300 sport is currently in the garage having the air con looked at. Looks like it will need a new condensor and dryer. Price quoted is 700 pounds with the labour. Anyone had a similar issue? Just wondering what the costs should be and what the risks are of other issues appearing (compressor, pipes). Should the whole system be replaced? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the advice - I will try removing, cleaning and lubing them and see if that helps!
  7. The headlamp washers on my IS300 keep staying in the out position - I hardly use them but they seem to be also affecting the windscreen washers. Can they be fixed? If I need to replace does anyone know the part numbers? Thanks
  8. Hi Josh - unfortunately i needed them as i had two broken alloys from a bad pothole. Since then I’ve lost one more to pot holes so don’t have any to spare. I’m also keeping an eye out - will post here if i come across any
  9. Good to know thanks - that is very helpful. I notice the price of the imports is very high. Probably best to stick with a UK model then. I am not in any rush so will wait for a good one to come along. 🙂
  10. I sourced a set from a scrap yard a few years ago. All four needed refurbing. I know they are getting rarer and harder to find. They are as soft as butter and do not like pot holes!!
  11. Does anyone have some advice they can offer regarding UK Supplied vs. Imported (from Japan or Singapore) models. I notice a lot of the low mileage examples are from Japan or Singapore. I have never owned an "Import" car - what are the pifalls in terms of insurance for example? Do they come with a markedly different spec?
  12. I’m still looking but with lockdown obviously travelling to look at cars is not possible
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