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  1. one additional change is the adoption of 6 speeds gear box ratio
  2. Does anyone know when they will replace the GS sat nav screen with the new one launched with the IS250? not only it is better (better screen definition), it supports MP3 and DVD playback.
  3. Does anyone know when they will replace the GS sat nav screen with the new one launched with the IS250? not only it is better (better screen definition), it supports MP3 and DVD playback.
  4. Michael, First of all, thak you for taking the bull by the horns and doing something to address this issue. i have bought an RX300 SE in march 05, and I have the same problem. As LexusJohn pointed out, i gently press the accelerator to avoid the jump, but sometimes, it happens regardless. I also had a GS (Aristo) and did not experience this, and have an SC430 and don't experience the problem either. I believe it is something specific to the RX. Count me in as well.
  5. a supercharged IS is tempting, but I don't think my wife would appreciate (safety and all that). Besides, I have just bought an RX, hence the advert for sale.
  6. OK. Let's see if this works
  7. Apologies for the mess. I will try again soon!!!!
  8. OK. let's see if this works -------------------- Pictures removed as they were only half uploaded!
  9. Yes the car was imported new. still ca't figure out how to put the pics on the forum. I think I 've sent you some via PM?
  10. Amen to that. they really should get their act together and make their twin turbos available in Europe. I mean BMW has launched a twin turbo DIESEL engine!!!!! VW have the 'GTI' as a sport concept. The 430 is not a sport vehicle per se. It is just another V8 engine, like many others.
  11. Sorry but can' help not to add my bit. in terms of marketing, Lexus/toyota are shooting themselves in the foot. Again, if they want o be head to head with the big 4 (BMW, Merc, Audi and VW) they have to have a sport division. In fact they do have one, except it is not available through the main dealers in the UK> I mean of course their twin turbo engines on the Supra/Vertex. If they make these engines available, they would gain much more in terms of impact on customers, and of course prestige. beats me why they don't so far! big mistake!
  12. Ladies/Gentlemen, I am selling my Aristo Vertex edition, as I have purchased an RX (Kids and all) I bought the car new in 1999, it has done 54K miles. The car is black, with black leather seats, electric/heated seats, BBS alloys, Xenon, and of course, full lexus service history. the car has to be seen. I will try and post some pictures once I know how. Otherwise email me at : selling price is £9,995K.
  13. thanks Scarface. I will give them a call.
  14. Hello there It was me indeed! but after checking again with the dealer, it turned out it is Alutian Grey! They say it is the same! honestly, the car looks good anyway so I am not bothered.
  15. Scarface, where did you get the quote from? I have an RX and am thinking og tinting the front windows now...
  16. I like the looks of the Samsung D 500 and I am thinking of getting one. Do you think it would work and be able to transfer the phone book?
  17. many thanks for the replies. I have finally managed to get it working, and as Damian said, you can only send one number per contact you have even if you select 'send all details'. So far, I have only transfred the most useful numbers...
  18. sami, which phone do you have? make and model please! I have a nokia 6230 but can't seem to transfer the phone book
  19. Sabastian, it is not Persian quartz, it is Carbon Quartz. I think it is a new color too because it is not in the Lexus brochure I have! I will post some picture when I get the car.
  20. I am selling my Aristo if anyone is interested, drop me a PM
  21. Well, I took the plunge yesterday and purchased a brand new RX300 SE with Nav. Coulour pretty original: Carbon Quartz with sussex leather. Car being delivered soon. I have thought hard about the RH400 and realised it is not worth the money....yet!
  22. Any news on this? it is a most useful feature.
  23. Does anyone know if the car mats for models 2003 and before fit the newer car models?
  24. there is a mix of replies here. need to filter.... I am not going to be doing lots of offroading, just the occasional muddy (but serious mud) field. Hence the question. Maybe as a couple of you suggested, with proper tyres, it could do the job!