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  1. Panasonic part number: S75D31L Still looking for more data :-) Regards Arvid
  2. Hi... regarding the sensor in the original 12 Volt battery.... This is taken from the European Lexus Club site (translated from German to English language by me...totally NOT understandable by Google Translator :-) ) Written by the member 2008LS600H..... Now I have paid my dues. I hope at least someone else can do good for my experience. To be sure I do have ordered a new original battery for 397 EU gross at When removing the old battery I wanted to find out where the wire went and find out what it was... it was possible that the sensor was wedged deep down between the it could measure the temp in a decent way....I thought.. I began to take away the silicone where the sensor dissappear at the top of the battery...and that was that...I had the sensor between my fingertips.... So it's stuck just above the hole on the battery. I have taken a picture. On top it says: 202AT. Google had the solution: An AT thermistor. ( original in German language: eine schnöder Thermistor) .... AT THERMISTOR The AT thermistor is a high-precision thermal sensing device featuring extremely small B-value tolerance and resistance. When used as a temperature gauge, the AT thermistor requires no adjustment between the control circuit and the sensor. This insures temperature precision of 0.3 C. (32.54 F.) Temperature indicators and control instruments are now available for use with the thermistor. The data sheet is here: And here is where the Thermistor wires goes into the original battery in my car: (The tube is for venting the battery to the outside of the vehicle) Regards Arvid
  3. Hi sota,, no need to touch the airbag.. when You remove it just handle it carefully...the work to install the LKA takes a total of 15 minutes.....send me a private message here with Your e-mail and I will send you instructions... I have made my u-tube video public now..sorry for not noticing that was not done....: Regards Arvid
  4. Link to the parts I have used :
  5. Hello Just to inform LS 600 pre-2010 owners that it is possible to get LKA to work on these ...if they have Pre-Collision System with Driver Attention Monitor ... I have now a fully working LKA (Lane Keep Assist With Lane Departure Warning) on my 2008 LS 600hL :) Link: http://www.clublexus...ring-wheel.html and how it works: Lane Keep Assist With Lane Departure Warning ....and...IT'S WORKING .....even with the LED headlights on .... LKA light...or lanes... in the display... have to find a way to install a small LED light in the button to show when it's on ..... Took me 30 minutes to install it .. 2 covers removed, 4 bolts taken off, and 1 connector disconnected...and the other way to install Don't forget to remove the negative connector on the battery :-) Bought at Kyoto, price I found for the part.. Part number (at least for my car) : 84240-50090 Part Name: SWITCH ASSY, STEERING PAD, W/MODULATOR originally used for 2009/11 - and up LS 600 UVF46 w/ DMO&*PB&*RPCS&*STC Price: Japanese Yen 24,570 or US$ 258.63 (exchange rate March 20. 2014) Partslist: .. see also on Image 5 on top Regards Arvid
  6. Hi, You can not get a better iPod integration system than this: For iPod: For Android : Youtube video in a LS600hL: Compatible Android phones: Motorola: Droid Razr Droid Razr Maxx Droid Bionic Droid x2 Droid 4 Droid Razr Maxx HD Samsung: Galaxy Note Galaxy Note II (Samsung EPL-3FHUBE MHL adapter recommended) Galaxy Note III (Samsung ET-H10FAUWESTA MHL adapter recommended) Galaxy S3 (Samsung ET-H10FAUWESTA MHL adapter recommended) Galaxy S4 (Samsung ET-H10FAUWESTA MHL adapter recommended) Epic 4G Touch Nexus: Galaxy Nexus Nexus 5 (Required SlimPort adapter. Choose touch resolution 1920x1080) HTC: EVO 4G LTE + COMPATIBLE iOS DEVICES: iPhone 4S (* - some limitations will apply) iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C iPod touch 5Gen The iVIC is compatibel with the following Lexus/Toyota models on the US marked..but do check with Vaistech that Your European model car is also compatible BEFORE buying.....): 2006-2009 IS 250/350/F 2007-2009 ES 350 2007-2009 GS 350/430/460/450h 2007-2009 GX 470 2008-2009 RX 350 2007-2009 RX 400h 2006-2009 Prius with extern Amplifier (outside of the radios) 2007-2009 LX 570 2007-2009 LS 460/600h L with Parkassistent 2010-2012 CT 200h* 2010-2012 RX 350/450h* 2010-2012 GX 460 2010-2012 HS* 2010-2012 LS 460/600h* 2010-2012 IS 250/350/F 2010-2012 GS 350/460/450h 2010-2012 ES 350 2010-2012 RX 350/450h (with camera in the mirrors) * Models without Parkassistent, only with Front- or Sidecameras Regards Arvid
  7. Hello Just to inform LS 600 pre-2010 owners that it is possible to get LKA to work on these ...if they have Pre-Collision System with Driver Attention Monitor ... I have now a fully working LKA (Lane Keep Assist With Lane Departure Warning) on my 2008 LS 600hL :) Link: Regards Arvid
  8. Well, It all worked out on the 8. try... got the 3 last digits of the VIN in and it helps to push the right button at the end :-).. Thanks for the help !!!!!! Regards Arvid
  9. Hi, Thank's for the tip, tried it...error 7 now and counting down ..but is says ony 3 digits on the radio, not 4.. Regards Arvid
  10. Hi, I have installed Bi-xenon lights on my 1993 LS 400, after disconnected the battery, the anti theft system on the radio( Pioneer model) has turned on...I have not a code for this and the former owner in Switzerland is diseased... I have contacted Lexus dealers in Switzerland, Germany and here locally in Norway..and all tells me that there are NO anti -theft system in that car... well, I was on tour in Germany and drove into my service centre in Flensburg...they told me that the radio had to be sent to Lexus for re-setting... I can't imagine that this is the solution, only a push-in code on the radio would be more to my thinking......but hey...I have been wrong before :shutit: Can Any of You guys be of help...??? Regards Arvid Stavanger Norway
  11. Hi ! I have a set but it don't fit my model , they are a bit wider and the keyhole doe'snt match up with mine. US and Japanese models should fit these ! Link to picture: Clear rear lights You can get mine for US$ 125 + freight...My loss...Your gain :tsktsk: Regards Arvid
  12. Hi ! I have installed these on my 1993. A little modification to get the bulb connector in place...a dremel is all you need :D : Ebay site Trying again :duh: to put in a link to pictures: My Webpage The connector holding the bulb did not match this new lamp, so You have to modify the 3 openings in the lamp for it to fit. Done in 10 minutes :) So...Where can I now find a clear bulb that fits
  13. Thanks Guys..... Could not notice that it was open at all, but opened it and closed it again.... :P Bingo !!!! :) Thanks again Regards Arvid
  14. Hi ! I have got an audio signal coming from under the dashboard every time I switch the ignition off It sounds like it comes 2 times in a row of 4 beeps and then stops.... and then no more untill next time I switch the ignition off.... I have checked around the car for burnt out bulbs and that like, but can't find anything wrong???? Please help !! Regards Arvid Norway