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  1. Rolled Arches

    I got mine done at WIM by Arch Enemy :winky:
  2. Jae 2010

    great show as ever , with lots of Lexus cars there as usual :D
  3. 19" Rims On A Is200

  4. 19" Rims On A Is200

    I've also got 19" on mine
  5. 19" Rims On A Is200

    i've also got 19" on mine
  6. Rolling Road And Ecu Chipping

    Sorry for offering my unichip for sale , I forgot about the Gold thing .
  7. Rolling Road And Ecu Chipping

    only GOLD members may offer items for sale !
  8. What Spoiler?

    There was about 4 pics of it but they have been removed :tsktsk: , its a TRD spoiler
  9. Darker Tints - Anyone Done These?

    Not sure mate ,I just went for the ones that I thought looked best Dave :winky:
  10. Darker Tints - Anyone Done These?

    Well Dave here are some pics of mine .... Side view The view from inside is fine , no problems with them atoll. must say they are good. I got them fitted last year at JAE
  11. What Spoiler?

    How about this one..........
  12. Well here is some pics of mine .....
  13. Mot

    I would like to know why you are being an ******** towards members ??
  14. Outlaw Jap Club

    Just to clear this up ........... This is a meet arranged by the # Team, for their members the carpark will be closed off with only OJC forum members submitted. there may be members from both forums attending but this is not a LEXUS OWNERS CLUB MEET. And you would have to be a member of the out law # to gain entry to the car park with your car. But you are welcome to join if you like. I'm only saying this so you would not be disappointed if you did not get your car in. We are not trying to poach members , just being helpful :excl: