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  1. you wont be disappointed chris ive had my mk1 gs300 sport for 5 years best car ive ever had.its gone through every mot. its an awesome motor.i do love the mk1 shape gs.very quick for its weight. hope you get it.
  2. has barry sold his mk1 gs300 sport.its on ebay for sale at a garage for £1,795 looks an awesome motor.
  3. hi guys just to let you all know how good lexus cars are. I own a 1996 lexus gs300 sport mk1 ive had this motor for 5 years its an awesome motor. reason for this post is my car is 17 years old and its gone through its mot 5 times without needing and work doing only advisory is R/H top ball joint rubber is twisted but not split. ive had many other makes of cars and the lexus is the only one that's gone through every mot. what more can you say about LEXUS. cheers kev.
  4. sorry to hear about your autobox should be able to pick one up very quickly as there are quite a few gs300 in breakers yard you should be able to get one for around £100 to £150. hope you get it sorted quickly and get another mk1 back on the road not many about now. ive got a 96 mk1 gs300 sport ive had it 5 years no problem at all its gone through 5 MOT"s no problem.these are awesome motors.
  5. hi guys ive got a 96 mk1 gs300 sport and I am getting water in my spare wheel well.on top of carpet in boot is dry cannot see where water is coming from.has anyone any idea where the water is coming from please. water only in spare wheel well no where else. thanks kev.
  6. ive got a 1996 lexus gs300 sport mk1 same colour as the one in the rust on mine only some stone chips on front and bonnet.ive had mine for 4 years its an awesome motor.when ive needed any advise tigerfish has help me with information a few times.
  7. who"s is the mk1 gs300 sport in the pics same as mine same colour etc.
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