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  1. No its definately on the outside the car around the wheel area, ive managed to record it tonight at last
  2. Nothing, at all, all been checked and noise isnt on all the time
  3. yes without braking, mostly happend while coasting, cars done less than 9000 miles and brake pad levels are fine
  4. Has anyone suffered with intermittent brake noise/squeal whilst driving along ?
  5. Mine didnt come with one originally but i went beack to the dealer a few months later and got my handbook
  6. use eco mode most the time, very little call for sport around town
  7. prefer the bumper on the current f sport like mine
  8. Only thing ive manage scrape so far thank goodness is a wheel, cost me £400 to replace
  9. think mine will get better, cars only done 4000 miles upto now so time to loosen up yet I was tempted by the sport but didnt like the black wheels and azure blue wasnt an option
  10. the average shown on the dash currently states 30mpg, i only use it most to and from work (5 miles each way) with the odd big trip
  11. Not had chance over the last month to getto clean the IS, so today made time
  12. only thing i notice on mine is when the passenger seat belt buckle it halfway down when not in use it taps between the seat and b pillar, if i push the buckle to the top it stops it
  13. Quite a quick car for its size, registering 30mpg avg around the city, usually keep mine 3 years
  14. Cant fault my Is200t fsport so far, getting 28mpg around town
  15. closest ive found so far for minor touchins, i will try your code though
  16. ive gone for 1H6 as possibly a close match
  17. Steve you are a star as always, many thanks
  18. cheers i asked steve myself to give me a shout once he's settled back home so i await a response