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  1. I've heard by using a heat gun removes the etching
  2. They tried sell me sonic titanium but I set my mind on Mesa red or Sky blue
  3. Is it possible to claim ppi on car finance, and if so has anyone done it
  4. Had a gen 2 is250 and my gen is200t. Both I found brilliant cars. The is200t engine is awesome I found, it includes good performance, pretty good mpg and quiet. Engine only uses 1200rpm while cruising at 30mph. Only reason I've gone hybrid is I wanted an 4wd SUV but didnt want another brand or diesel and unfortunately Lexus dropped the Nx200t
  5. Loved it, just as my Uncle is loving too
  6. Not been on for a while, but since I was on I've sold my Is200t to my Uncle and I've had a 2019 Nx300h
  7. No its definately on the outside the car around the wheel area, ive managed to record it tonight at last
  8. Nothing, at all, all been checked and noise isnt on all the time
  9. yes without braking, mostly happend while coasting, cars done less than 9000 miles and brake pad levels are fine
  10. Has anyone suffered with intermittent brake noise/squeal whilst driving along ?
  11. Mine didnt come with one originally but i went beack to the dealer a few months later and got my handbook
  12. use eco mode most the time, very little call for sport around town