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  1. Mark on the bonnet is from something falling from a tree as I was driving along, I never bothered too much with the spoiler with it being pearl and looks different in certain lights. Just remember it's bonded on so would mostly likely have to be painted on the car. The tyres are bridgestone all weather and I decided to put them on because they make hell of a difference in snowy conditions. It doesn't like moving on normal tyres on snow lol
  2. Anyone had their pcs light randomly come on
  3. Dan@adrianflux Could answer a question regarding insurance
  4. That isn't the speed camera position alert, that just warns you you're going over the speed limit by however much you have set it to
  5. On all my is200t's and Nx I had speed camera alert, which bleeped as you approached a camera Can't seem right engage it on the Ux, they are shown on the sat nav screen but no bleep Does anyone know how to apply the bleep as I've had both my lexus service manager and myself go through every setting we can think of
  6. Changed my is200t for a 2021 ux250h F-Sport Decided the time was right
  7. Traded in my is200 F-Sport on Monday for a 2021 Ux250h F-Sport Thought it was was the right time with used price's being so high at present
  8. This is my 2017 Is200t in Mesa Red which I'm told Is quite rare. Just switched back from a Nx300h I was looking for a Fuji Red one but apparently only 2 were ever registered in the uk
  9. Got mine off ebay from Taiwan, prepainted and looks identical to the lexus one
  10. Well after 12months of owning a nx300h after I sold my previous is200t fsport to my uncle, I'm finally back in one. Found a rare mesa red pre facelift model
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