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  1. any further news regarding this? I had a call from my local dealer yesterday apparently theres a letter coming out to me as well. I recall when I first got the car 2 years ago there was talk of 5th injector mods and I'm sure my car had this. Is this the same issue? as I say car now 2 years old, I do combined driving/roads and still only getting 36mpg (is220d) :(
  2. i did complain of a musty smell when car starting up from the aircon and puddles of water below car when parked after long journeys.i didnt have any problems with the sound system though
  3. right spoke to service dept. and its the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirulation) pipe that was replaced..apparantly there was a blockage...i also note on my invoice two other items: radiator, aircon L87050-30160 @ £655.13 amplifier assy L88650-53112 @ £313.27 was included but not actually charged anyone know what they are?
  4. definatly a turbo mod..they kept the car for three days waiting for the part and it took day and half to do the work..i will call them them to get confirmation of what they actually did..they did the injectors and ecu on the first service
  5. i dont know what they have done..but it feels more resposponsive from a standing start..hardly any lag..and i tlooks as though fuel economy has got better :)
  6. hi just taken my is220d in for its 20k service..they kept the car in for some warranty work....they mentioned a turbo modification..anyone know what the warranty work/turbo was?
  7. now done 17.5k miles...avge mileage is getting better
  8. lol..cant beleive this thread is still live. well my experience is no different from all was a chip repair attempt at first..which cracked ..ok fair enought sh!t happens...but the constantly fed me lies about when its being done..and then phoning /or not on 1 occasion that they cant do it that day..excuses including screen they had has damaged and had to go back (ok..possible..but why a week after did they ask me to pop down to the local centre to see which they need to order??) and they are obtaining one direct from Lexus and not there usual procurement centre...the call centre not progressing my compliant and not returning promised calls..anyway...when it finally got replaced they didnt ask for the excess...which i thought was a good will gesture...only to find when i got home from holiday an invoice from them in the post!! i sent it back and told 'em to whistle! tbh..when i complained to my insuarance co. (tesco) about what was happening they were pretty useless as well
  9. i had my window replaced last thursday..through only took 5 weeks for them to get hold of one ...anyone had one long did it take to get sorted?
  10. ive had all my rattles fixed..and all going well...apart....from..about 20 minutes into a journey i get a "crack" noise coming from the dash area...tempurature movement?
  11. ok..ive been driving the car by changing up before the rev hits 2k and i must admit i am getting better fuel economy....but it still bugs me that the car is over idling even well into a journey..20 mins plus..surely this cant be right?
  12. evening all...just had my 220d back from the dealership (exeter) they kept it for almost 2 weeks!. well the rattles have almost gone....gone are the central speaker rattle, drivers seat creak, gear knob buzz, drivers door rattle - but more prevalent is the dashboard "crack" ie the noise of plasic due to differential movement presumable to temperatue changes (usually starts 15 mins into journey), so closely monitering this. More importantly is the fuel economy...fter an ALL injector changer and ECU car has shot up from 32/33 mpg to 41/42..which i am happy with..although i've still got high revs when climate control is on..something i nver noticed int the 250 loan car :s
  13. i just read in another thread that someone is guessing its an anti-stall precaution on oil burners...not sure myself just called dealership to reiterate the tickover issue and to tell them lexus newcastle et all are now reprogramming ecu's so they have been informed. proof will be in the pudding when i get the car back
  14. my 220d has been in for over 2 weeks to sort out the numerous rattles and bad fuel economy..hopefully having it back monday..mind you they gave me a rx350 to use while it was in..i had to swap it for a 250 yesterday...i think i was using more fuel than a small country in the was shocking. incidently they are changing all the injectos in mine not just the 5th one....and has ayone else notice eratic revs?...on start i was getting normal tickover but 10 mins into a journey it would shoot up to about 1400rpm..also, turning climate control on and off also affected the revs by about the same amount..i'm aware the climate control takes additional load and the ecu compensates this..but mine was over compensating....the 250 loan car hardly moves when turning climate on/off
  15. my usual journey is a 25 mile starts in fairly heavy traffic. re the fuel, most tank fuls are from sainsbury's..i have tried BP several times..the times..i did think a marked improvment...but i think i also comprimised my driving style to acheive driving VERY frugal. i did get a 37mpg return. however next fill up at BP i reverted back to my normal driving..and mpg went down to 32mpg