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  1. And the police have said........................ :)
  2. See if the police can wait for something. I doubt it thought. They will have faces, but no names..... If the police cant do anything, just get some proof it was them and a police report. Maybe insurance will take it less serioisly when they know its not your fault, but will still go against no claims. Tbh, i doubt the police will do anything in times like these :( The Little F :tsktsk: g b :tsktsk: ds!!!
  3. Didnt think of that. And us 2 have just takent his thing O well :D :D
  4. + gaming. Which puts a lot of people off a keyboard. Doesnt matter if it says that. It just means it has a lot more gizmo's on which could help you with a lot of things EG Backlit keys for typing in the dark :). And LCD screen to see what music is playing etc
  5. Ahaha. I remember that. I wouldnt like to live on that street. "Can i have a Taxi to Number 9, Bell End". They just wouldnt turn up!
  6. If you want something even more expensive : http://www.ebuyer.com/product/158917# Although, pitty its not wireless for that price!!!
  7. You are now officially a +1 :D Just what i always wanted :)
  8. +1 to marsden dean. Although think were looking for other passengers too. So might rise (Pending)
  9. At first i believed them. But thought, hes a busy man, why would he be doing that. Always usually a BTCC driver, or a driver of that kind. Really annoying not knowing though.
  10. Aztec Was there? :o I thought i saw a car on the stand, which wasnt a lexus... Didnt realise it was u :/. Hi! ahah Also, Nice vids. I have 2 but bad quality
  11. Just got back. Very sunburnt and good meeting up with you all. Rocket Car was a bit loud :o ahah. + Great weather, wouldnt have been as good without that sunshine. Thanks all!
  12. Personally me and his doggy thought aztec had sent a massive bone instead. Unfortunatly it was just some skirts :(. Ahah, nice man. Bet they look good when theyre on
  13. Jambo

    Jap Show

    Pitty were setting off on saturday. could have had a convoy of Lexus all the way there... although we would get left behind.. :(
  14. Weather Forecast. Closest i could get it as im setting off tomorrow afternoon. Lets hope this is the worst that can happen. :) See you all there ;)