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  1. mate your looking at a lot of work and parts. if you have around 6k in your pocket then go ahead.
  2. and if it is the clutch slipping then i wouldnt drive it about as the flywheel may give away
  3. breakers, ebay, or lexus itself would cost a lot of money
  4. a k&n filter is good but induction is better with the right filter
  5. it will drive great mate. if the clutch is slipping i wouldnt drive the car as it would wreck the flywheel
  6. becasue you can make one yourself for cheaper with a better filter.
  7. was just too light mate. and i killed the clutch very quickly with normal driving would stick with exedy
  8. if it is just the standard one then yes i have on which i could sell
  9. lexus has always had a problem water getting to the passenger side fuse because the windscreen is not selaed proper. i would seal the windscreen and all lights should away for a while
  10. i would have just bought the springs and took it somewhere els eot fit them.
  11. ive got one in the garage and has done 40k miles.
  12. i wouldnt go with the first link as i had one and they were crap. the feel of the peddle crap..