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  1. Brake calipers have rusted all over and it doesnt look nice at all. Can anyone recommend where i can get them painted silver with the lexus sign on it?! I'm from peterborough
  2. Go via No need to make payment over the phone or speak to a broker. Ring the number on screen and the dealer will contact YOU. Cheaper list price as well as HO offers/incentives
  3. do i need to buy the snow foam solution or can i use shampoo? zymol ?
  4. thinking of purchasing this, any feedback before i do?
  5. I have to say I don't agree so far, my old IS220d was much more stable. Taking bends at higher speed in the 250 feels like I am in a boat! Tyre pressures are correct, maybe it is just a soft suspension but I don't have anything like the same confidence in the 250 as I did in my 220d unfortunately, and it is certainly less fun! No doubt the 250 is built for civilised comfort only...? Re the previous post, as an Advanced and "response" trained police driver I do know how to take bends but (just for example) in the "quick flowing series of fast bends" type roads which usually suit and allow continuous on/off throttle control mid corner it just does not feel right at all, as I say the car is rocking like a boat and does not feel glued to the road like other cars I drive, maybe it is just a characteristic I need to get used to or maybe a sporty Beemer would suit my driving style better (I'm not a mad boy racer though, always drive to the car and conditions - honest!) I have a 2006/56 IS250 AUTO SE and the conditions you have described is what it feels like for me. I used to have both this and a IS220d SE as well and your right; the drive, the feel, the holding and ability to having confidence putting your foot down is definitely in the IS220d! I've been to Lexus Leicester a number of times, first few times they said nothing is wrong with it. The next time I went for a drive with them and they the guy said it doesn't feel right. When I got the car back, felt exactly the same. They couldn't even comment on what work took place!! It still suffers from it, and now I'm out of warranty!
  6. Well, thats after i sent the 'feedback' form sent from Lexus HO and i wrote the full story. They called me saying, we didn't do it cause it was 50% worn. But, the service guy on the day said they did.
  7. You have made some very valid points. I was booked in for replacement number plates, wiper blades and to check and replace front brake/pads. 2 and half hours later: they tell me your oil needs topping up, we replaced your wiper and number plate. oh and yes the front pads/discs needs replacing it also seems that your front right hand side calliper is seizing but we need to open it up and check it out. i got a feedback request from lexus GB and i wrote everything down. few days later, call from lexus leicester saying we didn't change your discs/pads because they were only 50% worn...didnt get to finish the convo my battery died.
  8. Let me get this straight - you booked for work to be done in Lincoln on the basis of an inspection from leicester lexus and then after the job is done they tell you that the work need not have been done? In my opinion the work should be paid for by lexus leicester as they gave you false information which meant you spent an unnecessary (at the time) £234. get them (leicester) to put into writing what you were advised both on the day and on the phone after before making any other moves, then write a letter of complaint and compensation of costs. The car was first originally booked with leicester lexus, when booking i told them i need you to check and replace the brakes/discs, replace numberplate and wipers. 2 and half hours waiting, the service guy comes into reception and said: When i first arrived i advised the service desk people that if it needs doing, just do it. Lexus leicester: Mr. X, we have done a VSR report for your car and the oil needs topping up and we have changed the wipers + plates. and it seems that your calliper is seizing but we need to open up the wheel to check. Me: And what about the brakes? Lexus Leicester: yes they do need changing, it will take another 1 and half hours, as we need to open up the wheels and replace them and check the calliper Me: No, i've waited long enough and all you done is a VSR, number plate change and wiper blade changing in 2 and half hours? and you still need to open up the wheels?!?! what have they been doing ?! Me: quick call to lexus lincoln. told them what i want checking and if it needs doing how much. i knew the brakes wasn't to good, and with the bad road conditions towards 18th dec time, didn't want to take the risk with worn out brakes. (i work in lincoln sometimes, and had a service with them before!)
  9. I want to get my Lexus Is250 black looking like new again, its a 2006/56 black non met. services along the line of clay bar, machine polish, seal, wax and wheels?! but when should i do this? btw i live in Peterborough and i want to get someone to do it..
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