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  1. Happy Birthday fitchett87!

  2. I dont believe it thats what they have replaced in my car!!
  3. New windscreen that was checked by the manager, new ECU new fuse box.
  4. It looked dry and clean to me but i don.t like poking around with all them plugs.
  5. It lasted about 2 months, Lexus haven't looked at it yet because i only dropped it off yersterday
  6. Also the fuel gauge says empty, the seat belt light is flashing and the door open light is on too. .... ?
  7. After autoglass spending aprox £1500 at lexus derby on my is200 the lights are not working again!!! But lexus derby have let me a IS250 SR for the week, Happy days. Anyone got £19000 they fancy givin me?
  8. I went to Lexus Derby and they said it was the windscreen that is the problem. The service manager there wrote me an invoice for the necessary work and that it was the fault of the badly fitted windscreen. I then took the invoice to Autoglass, and after checking the seal I was very unhappy with the quality of work. I took some pictures and left. The next day i got a phone call from Autoglass saying they think there was nothing wrong with the screen but they will pay the bill, properly fitted windscreen, fuse box and an ECU £1510.00 Merry Christmas Autoglass! My brother in law used to be a windscreen fitter and tells me that on a screen as big as a Lexus there should ALWAYS be two fitters lifting the screen in to the car, and this could be the problem. A VERY SPECAL THANKS TO FAYE AND EVERYONE A DERBY LEXUS!!!!
  9. Hi guys i just had a new winscreen in me is200, yep you got it! my lights wont turn off! still puzzled did any one find a DIY fix to the problem?
  10. Hey guys, Really sorry my rota came and i won't be able to make it, plus Sam has got exams through the next week, she says sorry too.
  11. Still not sure if we will be able to make it, I should know around about the week before if i have it off. Fingers Crossed.
  12. Me and Sam will try and get there as long as i can get the day off work! I will try. It will be nice to see you all again, not seen you in a while.
  13. had my is 200 for 2 years best car i've ever had (i had a nova 1.4sr before). The seat belt squeaked while driving, some wd40 sorted that. CD player says error once every 4 months, i just turn it no and off. no real problems.
  14. I can't, because i already asked her if i could go and she wasn't happy about it. life would no longer be worth living. lol
  15. Rikos, You had your boot sorted now??