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  1. Hi I bought a front arm rest couple years ago but never got round to fitting it I got a day off next week thought il give it a bash and a couple of other things never got round to doing anyways I lost the fitting bolts that attach the arm rest to the car can someone tell me what size I need and how many am guessing four thanx in advance
  2. I got eibach on mine with new kyb shocks to be honest I wish id gone lower as the front looks exactly how I want it but the rear is still pretty high considering iv lowered it 30mm personally I think if you want a noticeable drop go 40mm or get coilovers so you can play about and have it how you want it
  3. Hi matt I know this is a long shot but any chance you could get me the the module  thing for the remote door mirror closing for is200 I can send payment via paypal or cash in envelope :-) I don't mind paying couple quid extra for your trouble 

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    2. matt-c


      Sorry bud, for some reason I didn't get the notification until now about the above replies! Stupid interwebs. I''ve sent you one via paypal, I don't know if it will let you, when you receive it, but if you could send the money as friends and family, it just means I don't get charged fee's for receiving it. Once done, I'll send the PDF file to your email - same one as the paypal address?

    3. ALI_1


      Hi sorry I just got back from holiday iv sent payment I couldn't see the option for friends and family I think that option only comes up if I send payment via your email address instead of a money request 

    4. matt-c


      Hi, thanks I saw it this afternoon. Don't worry, it's only 40p for the fee's, not too worried! I'll email over the PDF instructions to the same email address for the payment - let me know if you need it to go to a different address.

      Thanks, happy wiring!

  4. Hi everyone does anyone know where I could buy a door mirror auto closing module from so when I lock the doors using the key the mirrors close aswell I know a couple of people made their own was hoping someone could point me in the right direction or better still build me one and I could send payment or pay cash on collection :-)
  5. There's a dude on ebay who had some for sale or made them to order was a while ago do quick search on google am sure it would come up
  6. Had the same problem with mine and only at bang on 30mph I noticed that the rear brake pad fitting kit was missing from the passenger side the spring type thing and the metal thing anyway I replaced both sides because thay come as a set and not noticed the noise since
  7. Cool thanx for getting back to il order them now
  8. I was reading somewhere on this forum and it said that there was 2 part numbers for the springs HR-29435-1 and HR-29435-3 one I think was for the is300 and the other for the is200 am guessing the is300 weighs more or doesn't it matter would I still get the same drop on my is200 if thay were ment for is300
  9. Hi guys I seen a set if H&R 35mm lowering springs part number HR-29435-3 I think thay are for the is300 not 100% sure will thay fit my is200 and give the same drop
  10. that's good I don't have to cut the wires my luck would have set the car on fire with a electrical fault il give it a go on weekend thanks for the info
  11. I been looking for a boot spoiler for a while now the standard one that comes on the sports with the brake light anyway I have found a breaker same colour as mine so saves me fiddling about drilling holes ect and spraying it how difficult is it to swap the lids over would I have to cut the wires for fog lights number plate lights or is there a plug I could just unplug
  12. Your very talented with words well done mate it's alot better then most the stuff that iv read in books
  13. I found another thread with everyone's opinions on should have checked before posting :-(
  14. gbneil I like your poem did you write that yourself
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