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  1. Congratulations, you'll love it. Out of interest, if you don't mind saying: How much did you pay for it, with how many miles? I've had a hell of a time selling my '58 gs 450 se-l. Wonder if I'm still asking for too much. The price is down 17,995 now. On the other hand, I don't have to let it go for much less, because I can just hand it back to lexus for guaranteed buy-back. Really hope you enjoy it - I've loved mine to bits!
  2. I've just bought an audi a6 to replace my lexus GS. The build quality of BMW and Audi were nowhere near as good as the lexus, I found. Standard options are much better, and the trim levels much higher. You have to spend a fortune to get the same level of ventilated seats, walnut, etc. Even then, I had to lose out on things like fancy suspension, soft close boot, rear sun-visor, etc. When they all come standard on an SE-L, you're happy, but when you have to specify them all, you can't justify the extra cost. On the other hand, the audi's technology and looks far outstripped the lexus in some areas. Haven't seen much of the new GS, but didn't get a whff that LED lights would be there, HUD, or the same level of online services. Maybe I'm wrong, but I fancied a change anyway. Will dearly miss the GS though!
  3. Audi did me a favour, and brought the delivery date for my new car forward by 3 weeks. That's great, because it means my new car arrives before my hand-back date on the GS. So I've put the GS on autotrader now, and I'll see how it goes over the next few weeks. Very happy with the audi service experience so far, but I haven't *got* the car yet! Can't wait for: Automatic parking, LED lights, ACC/lane keeping, etc!
  4. Placed my order for the new audi today. So some time in March/April I'll be selling my GS - I'll put it on here first, I guess. Thanks guys Gareth
  5. Wendle, I did also mean to ask: When you say "advertise on here" - do you mean in the buy/sell classified at the top of the site?
  6. Wendle, I did also mean to ask: When you say "advertise on here" - do you mean in the buy/sell classified at the top of the site?
  7. wendle, Thanks. I've had exactly the same thoughts. I'l put it on autotrader in March, and then if it hasn't sold I can decide mid-april whether to give it back to Lexus. Ordered the new audi yesterday, so I'm committed either way. Now I just need to put it out of my mind for a few months, really! Hope you enjoy the new GS. I was tempted to wait myself, but I fancied a change of brand after several lexus. Gareth
  8. It's probably time to get a new car. I've loved my GS to pieces, but I like to keep a newer car. I was going to hold out for the new GS, but I've had several new lexus in a row now, and more tempted to try something different. (I've been testing the audi a6, and it's not too bad). My PCP finance is up, and the part-ex price offered for the car by dealers is roughly the same as the outstanding loan. Valuations tell me that if I sell it privately, I should be able to get around 5k equity out of it. But now I hit the crux of my post: If I'm buying a new car, it's going to take 6-8 weeks to actually get from the factory. If I delay putting my car up for sale until the fortnight before, then if it doesn't sell quickly I'd get caught out. If I sell earlier, I have to rent another car, or make do another way, for the gap. Is there anything I'm missing? I guess what I need to do is test the water somewhat, and see if there's a healthy appetite for it at the price I'm looking for, right? Any other advice? Thanks Gareth
  9. I don't think I've ever opened it from inside. I mostly use the rubber nipple on the bootlid, but sometimes use the fob.
  10. The toyota and Mercedes ones I have seen/used have been a very gentle action with a lot of cushioning, so not something that you could, for instance, launch a squirrel with.... If that's what you're planning.
  11. I started out with a question, not a problem. However the gist of your question still bears answering: The problem is that a IS with all possible options should be able to do something that a far cheaper camry can do, when many of the parts are shared between Toyota and Lexus, and Lexus is supposed to be the prestige marque. Furthermore, I believe it's even possible that the old IS model used to do so, though I might be wrong. And that it's a reasonable expectation that it might do so, because competitors do so; And further because it's practically useful to do so.
  12. Sucks, doesn't it?! I'm considering moving to a GS450h. If it didn't do it on that either I'd be very miffed.
  13. My 2007 IS 220-d doesn't swing it's boot open fully when you ask it to, it just unlocks it and pops it about 1 inch. I assumed this to be a limitation across the range. Having just driven a US toyota camry, though, I'm not so sure. The boot on that would pop wide open, and much of the mechanism seemed to be the same. So: Does your IS boot swing open, or just pop it open an inch or so? Originally I asked lexus and they said it just doesn't. If some of yours do then I'll ask them again why mine doesn't.
  14. Well I read that the new battery technology (lithium ion, as opposed to Nickel metal hydride currently) is likely to be used for the new generation of Lexus hybrids. If that's the case then the question falls as to whether they'll use smaller batteries for the same capacity, or keep the size the same and have a much larger capacity. I would imagine they ended up doing a smaller battery, and keeping the boot relatively large. I've always found that to be the irony of the RX.
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