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  1. rca outputs on the back of the factory radio!!!. my rx has the "all in one" radio with the display and a/c controls built together. i can't replace the factory one with anaftermarket one or i'll lose needed controls. I HOPE LEXUS HEADQUARTERS IS READING THIS!!!:flaming::flaming::flaming:
  2. good idea! the more options you have for your members the better. gives a "personal touch".
  3. i use redline oil. 10w-30 in the summertime and 5w-30 in the winter time. i use it in my cbr 929 motorcycle and it works like a charm. :tumble:
  4. honestly the only thing i like better than my lexus is my bike. i've got a honda cbr 929. i've changed the plastic to incorporate ram air ducts amongst other speed things. i've seen 181 miles per hour on the digital dash!!! i'm looking to trade up to a suzuki gsxr 1000. have fun on your rsv and TRY to keep it on both wheels!!!
  5. now lets not bash on your fellow americans. so far as being stupid some of us are as dumb as rocks. but some of us do have some common sense. remember,we are from your side of the atlantic(it was the british we had to fight). if you ever get a chance to see the movie SNATCH with brad pitt take a view. most of those guys were not from the u.s. lets try to get along so our forums dont end up like happy motoring
  6. does anyone know a website for clear tail lights for the rx? i'm from the u.s. so a u.k. store wouldn't do me any good except for a last resort. thanks
  7. lexus28160


    if you have no luck where you're at check out "theft recovery vehicles" on yahoo. there is a place in new york city(the stolen car capital of the u.s.) called gotcha auto. they have all kinds of lexus parts in stock. if you want i'll check into it a little farther . u2u me if you're interested.
  8. check out at under future vehicles!:
  9. i have a 99 rx 300. tire sizes are a problem for this vehicle. the struts are located in such a way that it's impossible to get a wider tire on the stock rims. you have to move up to a 17 or 18 inch rim (with the right offset!). you can check out for rims they offer that will fit up. good luck and i hope to see more rx models on the site.
  10. i'm wanting to install an amp and sub in my rx. i have the pioneer oem head unit with the a/c and center display controls integrated into it. it doesn't have rca jacks built in. are there any products out there so i can replace the head unit with something aftermarket and still use my a/c and display? if not, how can i hook up the amp without hard wiring it into the head unit?