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  1. Either way it looks impressive. Let us know the outcome if you give it ago.
  2. There is a feature relating to the windows. If you hold down the unlock button on your key fob it will lower all the windows but I thought they went all the way down but may be wrong and would have thought it would also unlock the car so not quite sure. J.T
  3. Well got the phone call yesterday to say the parts had arrived and booked it in for today. New single port 5th injector with pipes EGR valve striped and cleaned out ECU remap So I collected it at 5.00pm and BIG question is has it worked? Well ive only drove it back from the dealers about 8 miles in heavy traffic so it’s hard to say for sure but from that I would have to say both YES and NO (not much help I know) but I will try and explain. The power delivery does certainly seemed to be improved and for what chance I got to try the acceleration it does seem to be more responsive. Now the flat spot/turbo lag from a standing start is better but not cured from what I can tell (just imagine what people must have thought sitting in queuing traffic and some idiot waiting for the car in front to get about 2/3 car length away then flooring it back up their arse). I am hoping to give it a good run tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to tell you more. But what I can say for sure is that my car went ditched both inside and out and came back looking like it had just come out the showroom.
  4. Not sure if they all work the same but i just phone them in the week and tell them that iam coming on Saturday morning because they can only do so many and get very busy.
  5. My hairdressers (well barber) has got a porsche 911 on a 53 plate and a 54 plate Cayenne (greedy ba :tsktsk: rd). I starting to think iam in the wrong game!
  6. Cleaned for free? Is this service offered at all Lexus centres or just specific ones? I got the flash stuff from in-store as well bloody bargain, quick question are you guys using the supplied Flash cleaner or using something else? Not sure if centres do but Derby do if that help anyone. I personally don’t use the flash cleaner I use a 25 to 1 TFR with wax that I get direct from a chemical manufacture in 25ltr containers and only use the Flash for the autodry.
  7. Yes it is. I had delt with Notts a few years back and it would now seem IMHO that all the best staff went to Derby which is lucky for me. I will hopefully be able to let you know more on Friday providing the parts have been delivered.
  8. Lexus Derby - 01332 267183 I deal with Faye who is in charge of the service/after sale department. She's got to be one of the most nicest and helpfull people that you could ever meet.
  9. Yes they a contacted my today to inform me that some of the parts are on back order, namely a gasket due in on the 28th and the new 5th injector due in on the 29th. So they will call me again on Friday to arrange a new appointment. Before you all start to say yer right ive heard this all before, I do have a very good relationship with my dealer and do trust them 100% on this information. Will update again when i know some more.
  10. Who??? Is there one in Leicester? Oadby Town Centre - just round the corner from the A6 Cheers dude, need to pop into Leicester tomorrow so I might call in there... We have a shop called Instore (would expect that they are all over the place) that have the Flash Kits for £5.99 and the refills for only 99p so needless to say i stocked up! J.t where is the intore located in Derby?I Gooled them but the closest one I found is in BOT Its in Heanor next to Argos
  11. Who??? Is there one in Leicester? Oadby Town Centre - just round the corner from the A6 Cheers dude, need to pop into Leicester tomorrow so I might call in there... We have a shop called Instore (would expect that they are all over the place) that have the Flash Kits for £5.99 and the refills for only 99p so needless to say i stocked up!
  12. After a social visit to my dealership today I was pleased to be informed that the new ECU update to cure the turbo lag had finally arrived. It consists of a new ECU update along with another 5th injector and some other pipe changes which should apparently cure the constant build up of carbon and in turn give a nice smooth power delivery. Just waiting now for a phone call on Tuesday to confirm an appointment to have this done, so fingers crossed. Will post updates when I know more. J.T
  13. I use that to and thinks its superb. I have a Windsor Blue IS 220d and used to spend hours trying to chamois and polish it after washing just to remove water marks. Now its only a ten minute job and it looks just as good. I just wash it as normal with a bucket of water with TFR, the rince with the hose and then apply the pure water from the flash then just leave to dry and hey presto streak free finish.
  14. I keep reading the responses to this post and feel that I must add my 2 pence for what its worth. I like many others have bought a 220d with my own money. It was purchased for the wife to take the kids to playgroup, shopping and all the other women do when we are hard at work (not quite worked out what it is yet, but it always seems to cost me money). As fuel economy was not really an issue and she did not want an auto it didn’t make any difference if I bought a 220 or 250. What I do find concerning is that many people do slate the 220d both owners and critics some of which I can agree with but many I personally don't. Like Jamboo pointed out . So if that is the case it is going to be different and this could probably just be normal of a EuroV diesel but only time will tell.I agree it’s not perfect by any means but the thing that really p :tsktsk: ss me off is the flat spot when trying to pull out of a junction or island quickly (oooo so many near misses). I have been informed by Lexus that there is an ECU re-map to hopefully cure this on the way. The car has now just turned 2k which 95% is very sort trips (2 to 4 miles) and town driving with odd motorway trip down south. The MPG average is showing 31.9 which I am happy with (wife couldn’t care less), but did manage to achieve 48MPG on a good run. Having changed from a Jaguar 2.0d (EuroIV averaging around 33/34MPG) to the 220d the power is far far better, more responsive and from 40 to 70 ish (or may be just a little more :winky: ) is where is shows its true colours. Oh and value for money it’s in a class of its own. I just feel that unfair to compare everybody’s MPG both with diesel and petrol as it all depends on the who's driving, the way they drive and the area they drive in i.e. country, town, motorway etc. and the quality of fuel used.
  15. Don't know if iam tempting fate here but ive had mine since 31st March and not a single rattle and to be honest the rear view mirror is not bad at all.
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