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  1. Happy to report the car cover now has a new home in the South London area - so that leaves the springs, dash mount and Brodit phone holder/charger... :)
  2. On the car: Took the cover out in the garden today to look it over - it is almost as new, the exception being some dirt on the inside hem where it has been under the car when fitted (I guessed I must have missed that spot!) and also on the inside exhaust protector... I suspect the dirt will sponge off. This has been stored inside under the stairs - no mould, milldew or strange smells! Some pictures of the weathershield:
  3. Weathershield, dashmount and springs still available... :)
  4. Hi Scott, money recieved with thanks, posted today will PM you the tracking number. Cheers
  5. Open to offers - but they are heavy - so the postage might be a fair bit... (not weighed them though)
  6. Cheers Scott, Aux in sold subject to payment... Car cover, springs and dashmount phone holder still up for grabs :)
  7. Feb was a sad month for the Lexus, I traded it for a VW estate... now I miss my Lex, but this event has left a few items behind which I am happy to offer to members of LOC..... I have the following for sale: Lexus IS200/IS300 dashmount Bracket This is the metal bracket in the picture, it uses the screws that hold the radio in to its cage to mount off so no drilling in the dash to put the bracket. It is shown with a Brodit PDA powered cradle which I can include for an additional fiver. Happy to take £14 (+£5 if you would like the brodit holder too) posted UK mainland. Lexus IS300 full set of original springs These have seen about 17K miles and were the original springs on the car, been sat in my garage for a good couple of years.... offers? A Lexus IS200/300 Weathersheild car cover A great way to protect you car finish I used it when I first moved to Essex as I live a mile from the office so didnt use the car much. I am still looking for a picture of it fitted to the car, but can't seem to find one at the moment... It is in great condition and is the same as described in this thread: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=50519&st=0 Sewell still sell a similar item, but I think it is of a different material now, they cost £180 plus shipping and import fees (I got stung for £60 customs when I originaly bought it!). http://is.sewellparts.com/accessories-catalog/Exterior/IS300-2005/2014.html Weights about 2.3Kg and is the size of a bed pillow - quite large and heavy to post.. Happy to take £135 posted UK mainland ono. SOLD Prolex Aux IN with telephone mute This is a little black box which goes between the standard IS200/300 head unit and the amp and allows a switched aux input for a stereo source (such as an ipod or similar MP3 player). It also has the terminals for telephone mute from a cellphone unit, such as a Parrot. It was fitted to my 54 reg IS300 which had a top load CD iirc. Happy to take £35 posted UK mainland ono. SOLD I think that's it... let me know if anything is of interest, open to sensible offers and based in Essex if you want to collect :)
  8. I have just seen the news on FB, really sad to hear, I last saw John when he delivered a bonnet for the Lex for me after that wild Xmas do in Nottingham where someone reversed in to my car. Really sad news.. RIP John.
  9. So did you get this fixed in the end? I have just replaced the discs and pads on the rear and I too have a scraping noise on the rear drivers side when turning left. Going to check the shield tomorrow morning and also give the wheel a wobble to see if the bearing is worn!
  10. Wow interesting news.... will have to see if I get a letter through the post then.
  11. Well I didnt take the glass out in the end.. A dose of WD40 helped but it was still stopping. So I took a paint brush and a lot of hot soapy water and brushed all around the joint. Then kept playing with the mirror open / close button helping the mirror round the point of sticking and using the brush on the joint... eventually the wing mirror started to open and close on its own, so I have put this down to a lot of grime in the mirror joint. Fixed.
  12. I am having some similar problems with mine at the moment, folds in OK, but stops about half way folded out. Passenger side is fine though. Going to take the glass off today and take a look inside. There is a guide in the knowledge base of how to remove the glass.
  13. Blast from the past... holy thread revival batman! Must have been a good 2 and a half months before it was gone. I put up with it for a while but I did try and get under the floor at one point to see if I could find it, but the hole in the outside wall was not large enough and there was a fairly large void with rubble so couldnt find / get to it. Terrible smell it was! Moral of the story is, if you are going to poison rats, dont block any entrances and dont have a floor you cant take up!
  14. Mine went down from 450ish to 270 with Bell when I renewed in December, 30+ with 5+ NCB, mods, bus miles and Mrs insured as well.