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  1. Happy Birthday aaronabbott!

  2. Strange Knocking Sound- Help!

    anti roll bar links :winky:
  3. Black Is 200 Southbound M1

    might have been me depending which part of the m1
  4. Urgent Advice Required

    i went for the bc coilovers and pleased i did
  5. Headlights Staying On

    a short circuit from somewhere,exactly where mine went.just ring round the breakers or best bet on ebay,some will try and rip you off but you can get them for about £25-35 if you get any more problems just send me a pm,ill be happy to help
  6. Rear Disc Removal Problem

    dont worry about it happens all the time with me
  7. Front Suspension Niggles

    check your steering rack bushes also
  8. Rear Disc Removal Problem

    i did mine earlier today,but not quite sure what your asking?
  9. Steering Rack Bushes

    i thinking that after looking at it earlier there is loads of room to work in as the rack is right at the bottom, 1 bush i can get at the other will need the rack to be loosened off
  10. Steering Rack Bushes

    does anyone know if the steering rack needs to be removed to change the bushes or can you just replace them with it in situ
  11. Headlights Staying On

    the theft control unit controls all these functions,get it out open it up and trace all the connections on the board.i bet 1 tiny part has blew,which if it has try and get hold of 1 from a scrapped one and refit. even if this is removed the relay will still buzz away as there is a short on this board,it makes the whole circuit work
  12. Headlights Staying On

    sounds like the anti theft unit has blew(this controls the lights/central locking)
  13. check both side fuse boxes and all connectors (including all pins),seriously i had the same problem twice and after 3 days of checking every single pin on every connector the second time i found 2 plugs on the drivers side fuse board completely corroded and had to get a part wireing loom for that connector,and on the passenger side i found 3 pins that were going the same way but managed to clean them up with a small file and electrical cleaner. also check to see if your theft ecu is ok and hasnt burnt out on the board.it is located underneath the knee guard just behind the ignition ring any probs just pm me and ill try to help you out all i can
  14. ive got the jvc kw-avx 820 and cant rate it highly enough,and at the price the 830 is now its a bargain
  15. Tinting Prices

    tint-r in nottingham are an excellent place i got mine done there for £150