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  1. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has used this stuff? They seem to do a 3 stage system similar to Meguiars. Is it any good? Cheers Gavin
  2. Good choice of car mate - looking good. I'm in N. Ireland too but I have got rid of the IS200 and now have a Saab 9-3 Aero
  3. Yeah but its not a Sport is it? Its a GS300 S And why does 67k miles automatically mean that the car may have been clocked? Is it not possible that the car has had just two owners and they didn't do much driving hence the low mileage?
  4. Thanks Chips I think £4500 may be rock bottom - he was looking for £5000 to begin with. Does this sound about right for a car like this if it really is in the condition he says it is?
  5. Hi mate Try this one: Click here I went to see this car on Friday. Bodywork needs attention but he was giving it to me at £1500 which is quite cheap for a GS300 Sport
  6. Hi guys I may be going to look at a 97 P GS300 Sport at the weekend and I would appreciate any pointers as to what to look out for on these cars. It has 67k miles, 2 owners from new, full Lexus history and just had the cambelt done. It is described as being in immaculate condition inside and outside. It has the 10" rears with new tyres all around and a new MOT. I think I can get it for £4.5k, does this sound right? Any thoughts/advice welcome. Cheers, Gavin
  7. I've seen 97 P reg ones on Autotrader for 3k, with over 100k miles. Is this too cheap?
  8. Hi guys Having sold my IS200 Sport I quite fancy a MK1 GS300 Sport. I would prefer a late one (think the last of them were on a P plate?) Mileage isn't too important but I would like one with around 100k or less and condition would be more important. How much could I expect to pay for a nice 97 P reg to suit my requirments? Also, anything to look out for on these cars when buying a used one? Cheers Gavin
  9. Like I said guys I'm open to sensible offers on the discs. Will try and take a few pics tomorrow. PM me your email address and I will send pics of the discs to anyone who is interested. I'm in N. Ireland. Cheers, Gavin
  10. After selling my IS200 Sport I have a few bits for sale: - Pair of front Sport scuff plates in good condition (£20 inc. UK P+P) - New black piece of trim which sits just above the scuff plate for the drivers side (ideal for replacing yours if it has been scuffed by the drivers feet getting in and out of the car) (£10 inc. UK P+P) - New pair of front grooved brake discs. Not sure what brand they are as I got them from ebay in the US. Open to offers on these but postage may be expensive due to the weight. - New pair of rear grooved brake discs. Again these came from ebay in the US and I am o
  11. You could try changing the power steering fluid :) Gord, I had thought about that. Is it necessary to change the fluid? Is this part of the service schedule for the IS200? Furthermore, how easy is it to change the fluid?
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