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  1. Are you talking about the rubber seal ? I think my problem is with the runner the glass sits on ! I dont want to go to dealer, would a windscreen replacement place at a look do you think ?
  2. Lads, I had a major problem with the sunroof this evening. I got into the car and opened the sunroof as normal (no issues with this) then when I had arrived home and tried to close it, all it would do was to close a short bit and reopen. I did this a few times, so in the end I had to inch it closed. I tried the tilt which is fine, I tried it again after I got it closed and hapened again. So its staying closed till I figure out what wrong and how to fix. Any idea's ?
  3. mmmmm, light weight version. Didnt know there was one for the IS200. I'd say there pricy though.....
  4. Just wondering if the gearbox mount could be worn of something, as when I'm at the lights and drive off in 1st gear there is a wobbel from the car. If I rev high taking off its not as bad, just trying to sort problem before it gets worse.
  5. You guys have any idea if I need new buttons or can the bulbs be replaced in the TRC/Snow/Drivers heated seat buttons. I ask as I had to replace the button for the A.C. in my old Vectra. Cheers
  6. Any update on this, would it be warped disc's. I hear a the very same noise but not sure if it's front or rear. I also get a bad wobble from the wheel when i brake hard.
  7. Just a quick question about programing a new key. What is a master key?? all i have is a 2 button key which is about to fall to pieces and i got a new 3 button type on ebay, am i fecked or can it be done.
  8. Just doing a bit of research on this topic, & i found this DENSO IRIDIUM POWER IRIDIUM TOUGH IS 200 - 2.0 i V-6 24V (JCE10) 114 1GE-FE 01/'99-> SK20R11 IK20 VK20 What the hell are the iridium tough plugs ??
  9. Ok, i am just wondering if the bulbs need replacing of the whole button. I had to change the button on my old Vectra before and was quite pricy. Only the light comes on when i press it, but at night u can't see the button, if you get my drift...
  10. Sorry lads, just a little of topic here. I just noticed that one of my headlight washer units is up a little about 1/2 inch from the bumper. But i tried lifting it and letting go and it just sits back in the same spot. Any thoughts ??
  11. Well its the OEM one's, there gone very 'crackley' so i was looking to change them...
  12. Right, i see i have an amp under the glovebox, so i've either the se or sport yeah ?? If so what replacements can i get ??
  13. it does depend on wether the car is an 'S' 'SE' or 'Sport' as to what speakers you need matey. How do you tell the difference between them ?? I can olny see a pair of wires going to each speaker !!
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