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  1. Think it's THESE your looking for mate.
  2. Hi mate, just take the emblem from your air filter housing under the hood.
  3. I have the TRD front splitter also, and the reason i took the fog out from the front was it looked as if i would have needed to cut the inner arch liner.
  4. You can take the fog light out from the front. The light has two bolts (10mm i think)at the side. You get to them from the air vents, just undo them and the fog pops out with a bit of force.
  5. When replacing your balljoints,e you ned to get the Geomtry re-done.
  6. Yes, straight fit mate and HERE you go. Good Luck.
  7. TommyH

    Front Door Cards

    Sorted, please close.
  8. That looks great. I think with a TTE rear skirt, TRD side skirts and a Legana bumper, this car would look fantastic.
  9. Did it leak before you got the pump changed ? If not, i'd take it back to the guy who changed the pump and tell him to fix it.
  10. Hi folks. I'm looking for some advise. I got myself a secondhand pair of front fogs but didn't realise the fog connectors changed from HB4 to H3 in 2003. My question is, has anyone got any advise on how i could make the newer 2003 connectors fit in my older 2000 connector ? Is there a wire i can buy to reverse this. Cheers.
  11. TommyH

    Front Drivers Fog

    Been keeping an eye on e-bay also mate, but some people are asking £70 :o Most say bulbs included which to me means they have the same problem as us with the holders being corroded and the bulbs are stuck.
  12. Hi folks, looking for Drivers Front Fog, as my bulb went and when i tried to change it, was well and truly stuc. So had to bust it and use tape to hold the bulb in. Cheers
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