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  1. Happy Birthday P38Aaron!

  2. actually now you mention it, it was...glad somebodys memory is good around here!
  3. SOLD! somebody has got a stunning deal at £275
  4. no way buddy! sad to see that. you introduced me to LOC when I bought the sports grill off you on ebay probably a good 8 years ago now. main thing is your ok.
  5. sorry mate, you will have to bid on ebay now.
  6. They are not stepped, same front & rear 215/45/17
  7. Now on ebay
  8. incase you have not seen & you are still looking I have posted a set on here
  9. I would think they would but I do not really know for certain, I had a set on GS300 alloys for my IS200 for winter wheels & they fitted fine.
  10. no interest on my wheels then? any offers? otherwise they will be going on ebay.
  11. when very cold i used to get a slight tapping on start up, I put this down to my car being parked on a sloping driveway & the oil not quite getting to where it needed to in the first couple of seconds.
  12. I can not say much about an SC but i have had stainless fitted to all my previous cars (not my current Subaru Forester). Yes it makes the throttle response a bit crisper, improved MPG? possibly but not too noticeable but that could be because of the sportier sound that makes you drive a little more spirited & so offsets the increase. obviously a stainless system has the potential of being slightly heavier but should out live the car. You will probably have an increase in sound. some of my systems have had tailpipe inserts that do quieten the system down.
  13. im with everybody else, garage needs reporting!
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