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  1. I changed my belt last week with the help of my mechanic mate. When I removed the cover the edge of the belt had begin to wear and had a few chunks out of it (not as bad as above), so I was delighted I got it done in time. I bought a water pump from Lexus for 250 euro because I thought it was driven directly by cam belt, was sick to discover it wasn't and I could have replaced it anytime. Had nightmare getting new belt lined up, the minute the tensioner was released the belt would move and the timing would be out by about half a tooth. After several attempts, we backed it off about 2 teeth so when the tensioner was enabled it fell perfectly into place. Running fine now.
  2. Maybe it is just the way I drive it (I don't race around normally) but I have no problem stuffing people. There are a lot of faster cars as I said but not many.
  3. Slow car compared to what? An M3? I have never ever been beaten at the lights, 150 brake is about 35 more than the average road car focus, astra etc. It weights 2 tons but once it gets going only a performance/high end car will beat it. The manual is a lot better than auto imo, but if your mainly cruising on motor way or your lazy the auto is your man :winky:
  4. I just put a new set of Dunlop SP9000's (hard to find) on the back of mine, I swapped the old rear tyres to the front to pass NCT (the old fronts had stupid inside wear), haven't had any rear slides on round-abouts since.
  5. I don't think I need them asap but I will soon, so I might buy a set now while I have the money. I'll wait till the weather gets better to throw them in, sick of working in the cold, I ordered timing belt kit too, that will have to wait too :P
  6. I was looking on ebay and there are a lot of different prices for the Mintex pads going between 14.99 - 38 pounds for a set of fronts, I would be very wary of which ones I got. Would there be much difference using Mintex pads with OEM discs or would you have to get Mintex discs as well to get full performance?
  7. Cheers Aido for that tutorial, it is rather handy. My lens were cleaned but they are not perfect. The next chance I have a block of free time I'll stick them back in and run a few tests. Thanks again.
  8. When I was driving home last night with the new HID's in (5 minute journey) I had 2 guys waving their fist/finger at me going in the opposite direction and the only 2 people infront of me had their hands covering their rear view mirror and they didn't look too happy either. I decided to whip them out again (this only took me 5 minutes as I wrote myself a BKM on how to install/deinstall them) untill I can have them checked. I didn't want to be in in a digging mate every time I came to lights. The lights should be level as the halogen only passed its NCT (equivalent to MOT) last week, so I'm perplexed what to do. I was talking to a guy who said I should have projector lenses and shutters on them. Anyone any advice? I don't want to waste them.
  9. Sorry guys just found a thread on it, the brown connector was the other way round !!!!!!!!! Why the hell don't they label it. Oh well, very happy with them, they look class especially now I put my sports grille on this morning. Again thanks for all the help today!
  10. I managed to get them hooked up but they won't come on :tsktsk: I'm about to give in and call my mechanic friend, I've checked the all the cabling and everything looks correct, has anyone suggestions?
  11. I read your mind, I tried putting them in without removing the assembly, they seem to be in but not 100% secure (i.e they haven't clicked into place), just going to put in the ballasts etc and will tidy it up tomorrow. The darkness has arrived so everything now is being done by torch. Thanks for everyones help today, I learned some valuable lessons ( one of which was not to waste time driving to shopping centre for cable ties, when they are included in the box.
  12. Ah I miss read your post, so I do have to pull off the liner under the wheel arch to access the 2 nuts? I can see them from the outside but I have no tool that can reach them from there.
  13. Thanks, those pictures are excellent. Which direction do I pull the assembly from, I have the 2 bolts out , but it seems in tight. I don't want to force it.
  14. I had a quick go at installing them without removing the assembly but it was too tight at passenger side as you say, I thought it would be easier over all to just remove whole section. I'm just putting standard HID's, not retro fitting whole assembly. Ah cheers I was trying to pull off cover like a clown. I just saw nut now, is there 2 on each side, I can see only 1?
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