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  1. Happy Birthday davidrose55!

  2. Hi, Has anyone got an IS200 Radiator for sale? I am looking for one suitable for a 1999 model>manual transmission with Aircon.
  3. My IS200 recently passed its MOT' with a couple of advisories: I was advised that the bush had a fair amount of play, and would require replacement. Lexus do not sell the bush alone and as such I have had to purchase the suspension arm. How easy is it to change the arm? Has anyone completed this task? I was wondering if I could fit them without a pit or ramp, etc. In other words sitting on the floor of my garage with thew car jacked up?
  4. Has anyone got a photograph, or exploded view of the Rear brake shoes inside the wheel drum (if thats the correct term to use). I am looking for one which shows the handbrake cable inside the drum , and in particular how it sits against the back plate, Thanks B)
  5. The matter has now been resolved. Lexus - Norwich are now supplying the glass and fitting it free of charge
  6. On Saturday 19th February 2010, I took my IS200 to my local Dealership in Norwich. The reason for doing so was for a problematic rear number plate light. The Aftersales Service Manager, of who I have previously had dealings with was most helpful. A mechanic was called across and about 20 or so minutes later the car was returned. The Aftersales Service manager informed me that there was no charge. I left the premises feeling very positive. I drove away, and within a mile or so used my offside drivers door mirror. I was shocked to find that I had 2 rather odd looking views. The glass was cracked across the middle. The crack was certainly not there when I made the journey to Lexus I contacted Lexus who advised me that they had examined all CCTV with the exception of about 3 seconds and were unable to locate where my car had been damaged. This was their response: As discussed we have reviewed all images and events surrounding the duration of your vehicles presence on site yesterday, at no point of the cars journey was there any evidence to suggest this issue was caused whilst in our care We operate a in completely transparent environment and have always historically taken responsibility in cases where we have an valid obligation.Whist I fully understand your frustrations and disappointment I remain of the opinion we have no obligation on this occasion. I advised Lexus that I had used my offside mirror on at least 3 occasions during my journey to their premises. They have agreed to obtain a door glass at 'Cost' for me, however on this occasion I feel concerned and let down.
  7. Is anyone selling a used stainless exhaust (IS200) ? If so I might be interested. Any make considered....
  8. I went to see my mechanic today and he reckons that is the bottom ball joints on the right hand side even if I mentioned to him that the noise comes from left hand side. he wasn't really sure as he told me that he is going to pull the suspension apart and investigate further. After further investigation on my own I fell that the noise comes from the inside of the rear brake discs. Me thinks that I will need to replace the rear brake discs and brake shoes hopping for the noise to go away. Has anyone done the same thing before? I have suffered this problem just recently. I own a 1999 IS200 and recently heard a metal to metal noise from the rear of the car. I found it to be a small metal bracket which had come loose from the back plate of the rear brakes. It holds the handbrake cable in place. These parts appear to be spot welded to the back plate I have located where the metal brackets go. See diagram via link : If you follow the dotted line from the washer numbered 47449C to the back plate, you can see the small bracket situated horizontally under the hole in the back plate. I have since removed the brackets and spoken to a mechanic at Lexus (Norwich) He informed me that the small bracket were spot welded to the back plate, however until such time as a problem occurred to forget about it. My metal noise is no longer evident
  9. Its not so bad the wait cause like i said i'm in Scotland till then anyway. cruising around in a diesel Astra, fuels all paid for though so its been getting some stick round the lanes around North berwick and Dunbar. Stav Hi It sounded and looked good at the Jap Show (09) Dave Rose
  10. My 1999 IS200 has got 116,000 on the clock & sound's much sweeter than my wife's 55 plated Saab 93 Aero Convertible!!!!.
  11. Thanks Asi, it becomes a little embarrassing when people turn and look at your car, but not just because it sounds nice......rattle, rattle.
  12. I was driving home last night and heard several strange exhaust type rattles. When I got home I moved the tailpipe from side to side and heard all sorts of metal to metal sounds. When i inspected the rear of the exhaust I could see that the heat shield has literally broken (circular) around 2 of the rusted bolts, and is hanging down on one side. Does anyone know how I go about replacing them? I note that Steviewevie has supplied the bolt part number.....
  13. I have now put everything back together, and completed the ECU fuse removal and replacement. The car started first time and seems far more responsive. Really pleased!!! Thanks to all who took time to offer advice.....
  14. Thanks Stevie, I guess that I simply was giving it enough, as they are all now out. I have to say that I would have thought they would have looked rough bearing in mind that they have been in for nearly 60,000 miles, but they didn't. The new one's are in place, but the hours of darkness caught up and and as such I'll finish putting everything back in the morning..... No more questions.....I promise :winky:
  15. Hi everyone. I have just removed the air intake and in order to get to the spark plugs. I have removed 1 of the coils and have used a 16 mm plug socket, however the plug just seems to be constantly tight, no matter which way I turn it. Has anyone had this problem, or am I doing something wrong????
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