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  1. most of use use to upload pics, its free
  2. thanks ormi, is that you running 2 200's now ??? (avatar)
  3. hi chris im on the way back to a Lex soon too, long time away for you to ?? it was a red 200 you had was it not ??
  4. i dont know i use to get the tail out no probs once the T/C was turned off lol
  5. the hks back boxes are good i know of a few that used the HKS silent hi-power
  6. i used ones from here good quality and easy to fit just plug and play made a massive improvement
  7. Hi guys some of you might know me from a few years ago , i was on line all the time but been running scoobs for a few years as i sold the bike and wanted a toy, 2004 WRX prodrive 280bhp I am going to take the scoob off the road soon and turn it into a track/fast road car, anyhoo im going to be looking at another car so after i was sooo happy with my last IS200 sport im going to start looking for another one in the next month or so, once im sure the winter weather is away, here are some pics of the last IS200 for the guys that dont know me and the ones to help jog the old grey matter
  8. just having a garage clear out and its the last of the parts i had for my 200 i was very close to the £100 mark for the set
  9. a set of rear discs and pads starting a 99p and there not cheep sh!t
  10. got a xxxxxx mondeo :tsktsk: but saving for next lex how xxxx is a mondeo after driving the lex
  11. some parts on ebay item number 120471119845
  12. i have some parts for sale including HID and PIAA lights ebay number 120471119845
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