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  1. Both our key fob batteries have been getting weaker for weeks till 1 of them would not lock or unlock the car but would still start it. we live in Blackpool and use Lexus Stockport for servicing etc. we gave Gino the service manager a call and he posted 2 out to us. Great service yet again from them.
  2. The LED lights do dim when the head lights come on and do replace the side lights, they do not dim down when the indicators are used.
  3. Thats 1 of the reasons we changed our car, we had a 56 plate 250 SE manual and the tax was £460. Just been and checked the car tax and we paid £250 at the end of Nov for a 250 advance auto 12 reg.
  4. I think I am correct in saying the road tax on a 55 plate IS 250 is around £460 if it is a manual box, only £250 ish if it is an auto.
  5. I always park away from the entrance but everybody still manages to park around me by the time I get back to the car. This is the first auto I have had, don't know why my last 2 lexus were manual.
  6. I have not missed the mark levinson because like you say the standard audio is that good, only used the dvd about 3 times in the other car, we do miss the sun roof we always had it tilted open
  7. Changed my car from a 56 IS 250 se black mm and sun roof to a IS 250 advance in arctic pearl it was 4 month old when we got it with just over 3000 miles on the clock. Love the car old 1 was manual this 1 is an auto it is so much nicer to drive, don't know why we didn't have an auto sooner. Just 1 thing that is disappointing is that there is no option to have a sunroof, I know its got aircon but we still liked the sunroof. Im going to try and post a picture hope it works.
  8. Its up to u! Iv'e got mine set at 30 mph, handy with all the speed cameras here in Blackpool
  9. just check that px wheels in blackpool are still trading, I've bin told they've closed Thank you for the welcome and helpful reply. It's given me some reassurance about refurbs. Out of interest Lexus would charge £464 per wheel for replacements. The DVD link is useful too. >>> Any thoughts on tyres - another mystery area for me - is there a value compromise?
  10. I changed my Y REG IS 200 sport with aero pack last October it had 47000 miles on it, for an IS 250 SE multi media and sun roof 56 plate. They offered me £6000 but managed to push them to £7000 in the end. The IS 250 was £22500 so dont think I got a bad deal.
  11. I have a 56 plate IS 250 had it nearly 12 months, and both wing mirrors are stained. Not really used the heating elements so dont know what it could be, but will have it looked at at the next service.
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys.
  13. Hi all, been a member on this site for about six months now but never plucked up the courage to post anything till now. I had an 01 IS sport with styling kit until October when I changed it for an IS250 se mm sr in black with oakham leather. Will post some pictures when I work out how to do it !!! Just a quick question has any body managed to send their contacts from a Nokia 6500 classic to their mm phone setup, thanks.
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