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  1. Be very careful with ‘polishing’ the multimedia screen. Polishing is likely to spoil things I’m guessing. I’d be very wary of using anything abrasive. I use a lens spray that was in the glovebox from previous owner. It was supplied by Lexus. It cleans and then dries to a Matt sheen. Glasses/spectacle cleaner solution may work just as well. That’s what I’ll try when my spray has finished.
  2. You need to read the write up made by Ahmed24. He did exactly this. He also changed the front of his 2nd Gen IS 250 to a 3rd Gen IS 250.....remarkable bit of work. Then there is all his wrapping skills. The guy is a legend.
  3. They have it in the USA. Bit pointless as a storage area really. All you'd get in there is sunglasses ... and they will probably be buckled beyond use on a hot day if you forget about them!! IIRC the interior alarm module is in that area on UK vehicles.
  4. If you don't know much about the 250 it would be worth taking a read through this. Forewarned is forearmed. I think they're super cars, but, I'll admit I am a bit biased.
  5. Yep. I agree with all of that Dave. Wifey has the NC 3.5 PRHT version...and its automatic too! I love it as it has control paddles in a similar fashion to the Lexus. Best thing I've fitted to it so far is the Smart Top controller....brilliant piece of kit. I do the MX5 brakes every year. You're quite right about the screw in rear pistons. I have one of my dear old Dad's giant screwdrivers (used in the aircraft industry) which fits the rear piston bang on, cold chisel blade works a treat too! One of the front pins was seized completely. Used a Creme Brulee scorcher to heat up the area and it slid out easy! I took the opportunity to re-paint the calipers on the MX5 as well whilst I was there. Hers are red, as the car is silver. Cheers
  6. It's that time again! Slide Pin Service Having used a lot of furlough time doing much needed jobs around the house. I now need to do my annual brake overhaul. Main objective here is to carefully check the slide pin movement. Clean and re-grease (with Red Rubber grease) the slide pins and get them working nicely. Naturally, while there, I checked on pad condition and pipes, etc. Out of the 8 slide pins only 2 were a little bit 'sticky'. Both sticky ones were the rear bottom slide pins. One was close to seizing. But in truth they all were needing a bit of TLC. Gave them all a thorough clean and wire-wooling and also cleaned out the bores then regreased and refitted. Cleaned all the pad spring clips, springs and the rear pad fixing pins. Gave the pads themselves a good clean and brushed the pad faces with a stiffish bristle brush. While I was doing this job I noted a few chips to the caliper paint so I took the opportunity to repaint them too. With the weather being fairly warm the paint was ok to handle in about an hour or so. Then it was simply a case of re-assemble and have a short test run after all 4 corners were finished.. Good job to have done and satisfying knowing that it's been done correctly. Next in line is the slide pins on wife's MX5!
  7. Tank Average changes/ resets every time you top up/fill up You may see it say 46mpg briefly. Real world it be anywhere from 29 - 34mpg...... dependent on how you drive of course. On long motorway runs I've seen it steady at 38mpg. As soon as you are back in town/short runs it will drop right back.
  8. This has happened to a few unlucky owners on here before. Yes, one of them was when it as snowing!! I think Steve is correct about the keyfob. If you had not set it then you would have no idea that it could happen. Take a read through these Personalized Settings in the attached pdf. This should give you the answer .... at Power Window Settings at numbers 8 and 9. This I think, can only be manipulated by Lexus Garage. It might be accessible via a Techstream device too if you know anybody that has one. You could put up a shout in the IS250 section and see if there is anyone near you with one who may be willing to help. Just to explain, your post is currently in the IS300 and newer 250 section. Look at the section above in the running order. Hope that helps. Or maybe a Mod could move it? IS250_LexusPersonalisedSettings.pdf
  9. Welcome aboard! These two posts are a good place to start. It would be worth your time to take a good read through. They are, from my experience, very reliable and altogether rather splendid motors.
  10. Take a scroll down though this comprehensive post. You'll see ( a fair way down) some boot struts itemised...a bit further on a link and another bit further on you will see a picture. I dare say your struts have become a little tired over the years.
  11. May be wildly wrong..... is that one of the decals from the back of the runner end under the front seat?
  12. interesting to see how this goes. Looking forward to more posts.
  13. Yep, as said above, that's the removable shelf. Probably just got knocked out of position.