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  1. Good to hear of a happy owner of a 220d. Happy motoring with the next vehicle.
  2. Jack take a look on Ebay You should be able to find the air filter for £10-16 inc del Cabin filter can be anywhere from £7 to 12 inc del I got a charcoal impregnated cabin filter last time and very good it is too.
  3. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    I would think those that have seized in owners cars are down to several reasons. Amongst those are: No servicing ever being undetaken. Agreed.. it is daft that Lexus do not include it on service schedules. Equally daft that they think an air filter is good for 35,000 mls!!!! Quite possibly the wrong type of grease used and then left too long. Perished/split rubber boots that have allowed dirt and water in etc etc Paul, all you need do is check them in 6-8 months and see how they look. If its all good then great. I only mentioned it as I was told by a spannerer at Lexus that I must not use Silicone Grease. That may well have been duff info ... i don't know, i just took it at face value. I'm currently using the Red grease on both my Lex and wifeys Mx5. It does seem to work very well but I'll keep a note of the Molykote and maybe try it when my tin of red is used up. Keith
  4. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    If anything is going to give you any grief it’s likely to be that slide pin with the threaded end. That’s the lower slide pin on offside and near side rear. Hopefully your rubber boots are sealing well and stopping water getting in there. It was the lower pin on mine that was seized. Right toad to work loose!! Best of luck with it and take your time. Better to be slower and accurate.
  5. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Not wishing to alarm. Shouldn’t you be using Red Rubber Grease? That’s the stuff that’s recommended for caliper slide pins.
  6. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    You don’t need a video .... Newbie has put up terrific guides for both front and rear overhaul procedures.
  7. Shaun, I used this type of LED ( Cree led type)for the sidelight and they work very well. Sourced from Ebay. The sidelight bulbs are very easy to change. It's just a holder at the back of the unit, quite high up, that you twist and pull back to If you use LED type don't try the ones that are plastic at the end with exposed smd's .... they can melt a bit with the heat inside the unit. The ones above are metal sheathed on the exposed part inside the headlight cluster. Mine have been in there about 3 or 4 years now. Also don't go too long on the body of the LED. I tried these and they were about 45/50mm long. They looked good but were prone to work themselves loose with vibration. They were fine as reversing bulbs though.
  8. No that’s not original kit. Scrupulous MOT centre would likely say they are not legal. Looks like it’s the T10 5w sidelight bulb. A few eBay sellers give them free with halogen bulbs. They are very blue.
  9. Is 250 Rear Calipers

    Bear in mind a slide pin can be seized and you may not particularly be aware of it. I had a rear pin seized last year. It was the lower pin that acts as a swivel for the caliper if you want to get at the brake pads. I had no idea it was seized until I tried to swivel it and could not budge it. When I did shift it i could see only one pad was being used on that side as the caliper could not slide. Once you have a wheel off you can have a quick look and grab the caliper and try gently pushing it out and in. That will tell you the pins are free and hopefully have a bit of grease on them. Just follow Shaun's excellent guide and give everything a good clean up and reassemble at each corner and all will be good. A little copper grease on the pad shim helps stop squeal too.
  10. Is 250 Rear Calipers

    Take a read of this. It's spot on and here If I were you I'd check all the slide pins front and rear and take that as your start point on your servicing schedule. Take another look in, say, 8/10 months and see how they compare. It does not take long to do... and you are saving money in the long run.
  11. I've noticed many pictures, that were linked from Photobucket, have been erased. This is down to Photobucket taking a rather draconian action to basically ransom members into buying memberships to allow their photos to be visible. Some posts may well get corrected over time, many are can be a fair bit of hassle to correct, or the poster may have subsequently left the forum altogether. When they get wiped you see this. I discovered a fix for this a while ago and it does indeed seem to completely fix it! I've been using it for over a week (on Google Chrome) and every photo has been visible wherever I've checked thus far. Go here and add the extension if you're using Google chrome. There is a fix for Firefox as well and no doubt others too. Apologies if this fix has already been posted. I have not seen it on this site thus far.
  12. Impossible to say.. you're in to the world of conjecture. You can be sure they are still making good profit regardless. Although sometimes you will see loss-leaders to entice more sales in other areas...that's business.
  13. Nice one Shaun. According to the Lexus portal 8R6 is Brechin Slate paint colour I can see LA11 and that relates to a GREY leather. Perhaps the 11 part means GREY (as mine is LA00 and it's IVORY). This may be of interest .... go here Then scroll down to Past Lexus Brochures. Closest I can find is Nov 08.I could not see an earlier date. Strangely, the 08 brochure is showing features seen on the facelift and that was late 09 I thought. Cheers Keith
  14. Don't you just love these sites that don't have correct info in their drop down menus?? Nothing like confusing the punters is there? You get sites pushing you into 069 batteries ... erm NO...its the wrong way round won't fit. If you put Lexus 2008 is250 into the ECP choices for the 068 Bosch on Ebay ... it comes back that it won't fit ...erm YES it does Jack, it's not too cheap ..they can squeeze their margins to generate sales. You can pay £158 for the same battery if you really want!