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  1. I have Mintex discs and Pagid pads all around and all is good. Still get some brake dust on front wheels but not as bad as it was.
  2. Given that you are a new owner and you may want to do a few bits yourself. Please take a few minutes to read this before you attempt changing the cabin filter behind the golvebox. This may be useful as well Incidentally, I have 6 CD's full of Mp3's loaded in my player and they work fine. As you found ... DVD's full of Mp3's do not. Enjoy getting to know your car. I think they are quite excellent cars.
  3. If I was going to hazard a guess.... I'd be thinking the previous owner or the garage broke this when changing the cabin filter. It's most important to put the air into Recirculate mode before attempting to change the cabin filter. When in Recirculate mode the lid covering the filter is raised. This enables easy removal of the old filter. If the lid is forced up to get at the filter then that plastic lug can be broken. Have you taken out the cover piece at the rear of the glovebox? This is where you can inspect that lid to see if it is stuck open or shut. This post will give you a guide If the lug is indeed broken you can do a repair. There is a good walk-through for a DIY repair on the US's here. All photos were lost a while back (after the photobucket fiasco), but they are re-instated now. Link Hope that helps and good luck.
  4. I don't have any first hand experience of Yuasa batteries myself. But a fair amount of people on the MX5 forum rate them as being very good. If all the specs for the Yuasa are the same or pretty close..including its physical size and most importantly ... the terminal positions then it should be fine. I changed my battery last year but opted for the Bosch S4 which was pretty much identical money.
  5. Is that your new battery in that photo? If so... It does not look the right one to my eyes. I'd expect to see something like a Bosch S4 026 068. The Halfords one looks quite a lot smaller.
  6. This link may help you. Take a look at the photos a fair way into the post. There are some showing a blown fusible link. and here
  7. Do you keep the old original EGR valve? If you did have a play with it and get to understand how it works and how easy it is to clean. There are quite a few good videos on Youtube. It will benefit you to do that. That piston inside needs to seat well when in closed position. When I had a 220d, way back when, I used to remove and clean the EGR every 8000 mls or so. Whilst the EGR is out of the car clean the main port into the manifold with a screwdriver and suck out all the old crud with an old hoover, if you have one. Opinion is divided on additives. But I will say from my own experiences, I used Archoil (AR6200) diesel additive at about 5-6 ml to a tank of fuel and found the amount of soot in the EGR was much reduced. Seemed reasonable to assume that the amount of soot going into the DPF will be reduced too.
  8. Quite likely. Had that happen on a IS200 many years ago, when a friend connected his jump leads wrong way round. A right PITA to get the offending (bolted in) fuse out (think it was something like 30 or 60amp??) it was a large 20mm square or so with a clear view window on the top, from where I could see it was fried.. Bit like this I've cadged from t' web The snag was it was bolted through from underneath with a base fixing much like you can see in the background of the pic. If I remember correctly had to virtually remove the fuse box in the engine compartment to get at the fixings for the fuse. The fuse could only be sourced from Lexus back then. I was spitting feathers for many days after!!!
  9. +1 for the Dodo juice kit. I have cream coloured leather too. A stiffish nail brush bets the best results as it gets right in and removes the dirt. You can also use the wool detergent method as that works well too. As has been said the final finish should look matt and not feel slippery (as shiny tends to) Do it on a nice warm day in the summer. Pull the seat belts right out and anchor/tie it back somewhere and give them a right good scrub too. They can come up a treat. Do them first and they'll be virtually dry by the time you've done the seats.
  10. Sounds to me.... and this is just conjecture based on a bit of experience of working on the rear brakes/drums. My guess would be the rear parking brake shoes were binding...possibly not releasing correctly or adjusted up too tightly. This can produce a heck of a lot of friction which then causes high temperatures at the hub. The bearing grease gets cooked and before long the bearing is shot. Had you ever noticed any hot metal smells at the rear of the car or been aware of the wheels being hotter than normal? Thats bad luck that it was pulled by an MOT tester, hope you get it sorted soon.
  11. Try looking at the little L.E.D right by each switch. Cup your hands around each L.E.D to try and see if its blinking slowly. If it is ...your windows need initializing (or sometimes referred to as Syncing) by the method outlined above. Once done the light should be solid.
  12. Linas ... found your original post. Had a link saved on my pc at home.
  13. I can't find it either Linas. But I did archive your detail and save it as a pdf on my pc at work. Figured, you never know, may need it one day!! Here ya go. How to Replace Windscreen Washer pump is250.pdf
  14. This type from ECP will fit ECP Plain filter Crosland also do a charcoal type which I have found very good. Wait for a decent sale discount to come up or look elsewhere. Last time I bought these from ECP they were £8.50 and £11 respectively. The air filter was £12.20