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  1. That’s good news. Hampshire is a big county.. so this may be a pointless offer. My closest point to Hants would be Ringwood. I work near Verwood. If you need to do the oxygen sensors at any point I have the requisite socket for the sensor. You are welcome to borrow it at any time. Bank 1 sensor 1 is dead easy. Bank 2 sensor 1 is a little more tricky, but doable. I’ve done both on my car so can offer assistance. Newbies guides are excellent and easy to follow.
  2. Have a read through these posts. May give you some pointers. You have 2 levelling sensors. Front and rear wheel area both on the passenger side.
  3. Don't think you'll get any fuel with that recall....unless you have had to make a longish journey to the dealer. Wouldn't hurt to mention that the dash is silent when you drop the car off! I actually got my wife to make a video for about 10 mins while driving to prove (if it had been necessary) that there were no noises whatsoever inside the car or from the dash. Thankfully it was not needed as the work was done and all was good and silent again. Happy days
  4. Good news Mike. Here's hoping that's done it. I do my MAF clean every 8000 miles or so. Its never looked dirty but its kinda tricky to see right down the tube where the wire goes. So I just do it anyway. The good news is that if it is the Bank 1 Sensor 1 that's playing up .... its the easiest one to replace. 15 mins tops.
  5. As it’s very easy to do .... I’d remove and do a solvent clean of the maf sensor. Then you can dismiss that if the light is still on. Have the upstream fuel/air sensors ever been changed?
  6. The cover definitely fits over the Bosch S4 026 068 battery. I have one in my car. It's no tighter a fit than over the original Panasonic battery.
  7. Watch the bit at about 3 mins as to removing the light bezel on the rear cluster. Use the same principle on the front light bezel and change the bulbs without removing the whole unit. If you want to remove the whole unit, for curiosity, apply the same principle to the beige plastic cover piece (where the sunglasses holder would be on US models) to remove the cover and expose the 2 screws. Really its peasy once you've got your head around it. Slide your thin plastic trim tool (sets are dead cheap on Ebay) around to feel where the tabs are located.
  8. Possibly the fuel line gasket recall too ... if it was ignored by previous owner.
  9. Take a look at this it will tell you all you need to know.
  10. If you are members of your local home watch group you can also get them via the police. Well, ours does.
  11. Think there is a Boot lock button in the glove box? If there is, the button may have been pressed accidentally. From memory you cannot open the boot with the fob if the button has been pressed.
  12. +1 to that. Definitely chain driven. I had a220d a while back.
  13. Replacement Splash cover IS250 2007

    Try an Ebay search using underfloor splash guard lexus is250/220 or similar and you will find them from time to time. Some times they're £12 and sometimes £59 ..... bonkers!
  14. Yes, you can use many different makes. Whatever takes your fancy really. Just check with your supplier that they fit your vehicle.