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  1. My 2 were from a seller in China on eBay. No brand as such ... I read the sellers feedback for a few different ads and chose one based on good reviews. They were so good I could leave my spare in the car in its pouch when we went walking in The Picos, N.Spain this summer. My daily key set goes in the pouch every night when I get home from work. I do, periodically, go out and walk past the car with the pouch in my pocket just to see if it’s stopped working. I’m looking to see if the puddle lights come on ....... and they have not once. My two were £4 delivered!!
  2. Bought 2 from eBay months ago. Still working perfectly.
  3. ACC ... Adaptive Cruise Control Us old school fellas tend to often read it as ACCessories point on the ignition barrel ... ie relating to turning the key to different points before the actual igntion of the engine.
  4. Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience. I can understand that you feel aggrieved at this situation. I have purchased some items from Rockauto in the recent past and found them to be excellent. Like Lee, I cross referenced everything I was considering just to be as clear as possible that what I was ordering was correct. I too was concerned about LH and RH orientations especially as their market is LH drive vehicles. You are quite right when you say .... Be careful what you order Hope you manage to get the car problem resolved in the not too distant.
  5. normski2

    ignition problems

    If you can't operate any windows then you need to resync the windows to the switches. This needs to be done when the battery has been disconnected on pre- facelift (oct 09 I believe) vehicles. When you change the battery you MUST re-initialize each window in order to be able to control each from the drivers door switches. In order to do this you perform this operation at each window using the switch on the door for the window you are at. If you look closely at the small led on each switch you will see it is blinking - this indicates the windows need initializing. 1. Open the window halfway using the door switch. 2. Fully close the window by pulling the switch and continue to hold the switch up for 4 seconds or so. 3. Do this at each door. When complete the blinking will change to being a constant glow ie 'on'. Your windows will now fully function again from the driver's door control set.
  6. I had this a few years ago and put it down to radio interference. In my case it seems to have been a wireless doorbell ....weird huh!! The only way I could get the car to respond was by removing the fob battery and re-inserting it. I've also heard of folk at places like boatyards or social clubs, where there is a wireless mast feeding a large area, having fob problems.
  7. This is sounding similar conditions to a/c compressor seizing. Hope you get to the answer quick.
  8. Matt aka bigbullhead ...... read this post from the start.
  9. normski2

    Replacing auto-dim assented side glass

    Search for “wing mirrors auto tilt” then look for newbie’s post aug 2015. Tell you what I’ll bump it to the top of the list in the main forum below.
  10. normski2

    Replacing auto-dim assented side glass can change the glass. There is an excellent write up by Noobie in the forum somewhere. Loads of pictures and explanation of all the steps you need to take and how to be careful how you press the mirror back into place!!! If I find it I’ll post a link to it.
  11. You won't go far wrong by having a good read of this The 250 auto is just a splendid car in every department. I had a 220d and was very unlucky at first but fortunate afterwards to have one that achieved very good mpg. The mpg with the 250 auto is very close or even better than I have seen other 220d drivers quoting. Typically 27-31 around town and 36 -40 on a decent run. The only caveat all depends on how any vehicle is driven.
  12. normski2

    Oil filter wrench

    +1 to the above Entry from the Owners Recommendations list .... here -link- Oil Filter Removal tool You'll need one of these to remove the oil filter. Made by the likes of Sealey/ Draper etc and found on Amazon and Ebay. A 600mm breaker bar may come in handy too they are often over tightened. They can be undone using the square drive port on the tool but it's better to use a socket if you have one to hand. There is a danger of splitting the square drive port with excessive force. The sump plug washer should be a fibre type with an aluminium core.
  13. Get a 250 ..... every time. I’ve had both .... trust me it is a no brainer. The only decision is manual or auto. I’d take the auto every time.
  14. normski2

    Sealing a tyre valve (for HIFI need)

    Have you tried sorbothane pads under the feet of each unit? You can find various sorbothane products on ebay, there are even hemisheric pads of different diameters. Like this. Sorbothane hemispheres I've found that works a treat. I got lucky years ago and was given some small 3" squares of different thickness to play with (at the time I was helping with developing some isobarik speakers). Here's a tip for speakers. If they are of reasonable age (my iso's are circa 1992), have a gentle feel of the rubber diaphragm surrounding the cone. If it feels a bit harder or stiffer than you recall... then try a good application of Gummi Pflege or 3. I was staggered at the difference it made to my speakers. The diaphragms are now soft and beautifully pliable again. Did the same for the designer of the isobarik's set and he was utterly blown away by the improvement.