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  1. normski2

    Break disc

    I'd say you are best to check for yourself. It seems some cars have vented and some have solid discs. If I was going to guess I'd suspect you may well have 296 vented on the front. Mine were 296 front and 310 rear and both were vented. This contradicted what suppliers websites said....but then you can't rely on them to get it right. Best to check yourself to avoid getting the wrong ones, in my opinion. Hope that helps.
  2. Defo get the Bosch 068 type. Did mine a few months back. The first signs of winter and your battery will no doubt get worse. Our cars are similar happens ...some batteries go 10 years, some go 7 or so. Variety of factors lead to battery death. As John says they are often around £80 mark inc delivery on eBay from reliable sellers. Euro car parts are often quite a bit more £110 or so.
  3. That's a nice account of ownership of a 220d. Good to hear of a happy customer with the diesel Lexus. You have always been positive about the 220d and given good advice to other owners. Your presence will be missed greatly. Enjoy your Auto GS ... I have little doubt you will ...I was much the same when I moved from the 220d to my 250 Auto.
  4. Rattles can be very annoying. Only if it is safe to do so could try pressing with your hand in different areas of the dash to see if the noise decreases or stops altogether. This would at least give you a reasonably accurate pointer as to where to investigate. It can be a bit tricky as you generally need to be moving to hear any rattles. It could be the dash clips or could be the speaker or could be elsewhere. Same for the door. I've not heard of any door rattles myself but there was mention of rattles from the pillar. I remember someone taking the pillar cover off and taping together some cables and putting a few small pieces of foam at strategic points. Door symptoms fairly widely mentioned, usually relate to creaking. This can be from the door seal rubbers. They can also get sticky. I've used the gummi pfledge stuff and found it to be very good. This is the stuff i used.
  5. If you do a forum search you’ll find quite a lot about carbon wrapping of those components.
  6. normski2

    Pushing back calliper pistons

    +1 to the words above. Precisely what I did...I also syringed off a little oil from the reservoir to avoid the chance of any spill out. I still wrapped an old towel around the underside of the pot ... just in case!! I used a block of 2x1 and a G clamp to push the piston back particular reason ... just found it easier that way. I did the same task May give you a few pointers
  7. Edit option seems to have vanished?? That should read LA03
  8. As said previously above there is Colourlock. This does look a fine product and I've seen a video somewhere that shows how its used with fine sandpaper pad and a hair dryer. Think they had a presence on Ebay too. There is also dynamixdyes (smaller sized bottles but very similar product) You'll need to look at your VIN plate to get the interior code for the leather colour ..... probably LA00 ....Ivory It might be worth having a read through of this old post. I can recommend using Dodo juice as a cleaner (use a brush to apply and work it in to clean the leather) to clean the leather. I too have light (Ivory) coloured leather and found it works really well. I have not used Colourlock but I've bookmarked the site as I think I will get some sooner rather than later. Here is the link I have.
  9. This stuff is great for door, bonnet and boot rubbers. Stops creak and stickiness when opening the boot for example.
  10. normski2

    Auto Folding Mirrors Retro Fit

    This may help with some of the wires
  11. I don't recall having to drill anything when I fitted mine.