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  1. I'm surprised a 2010 model has Halogen headlights. I thought the Headlights had changed right across all models to HID type with D4S bulb. Mine are ... I have the Osram Xenarc Cool Blue Intense D4S and they are very good. My old 2007 Lexus had Halogen H11 and they were a bit rubbish it has to said.
  2. Hi Don't know if you need any guidance, but if you were, here are a couple of guides from quite a while back for brakes/discs on the 250.
  3. Do you know if the Cabin Filter has ever been changed? If not, it's worth doing. If it's old and full of debris and crud you'll notice an improvement in air quality inside the car when it's changed. I get the charcoal type from Eurocarparts whenever I do a bulk buy of assorted bits. They're only £11 or so. Here is how to do it. Follow the instructions, do not force anything as a broken link can be very expensive. Once you've done it ... it's quite easy. Just remember 'recirculate button' every time before you start. Change mine every year.
  4. I'm pretty sure our cars are not affected by any Canbus issues..... at least as far as my experiences have been thus far. I'd be very surprised if the bulbs have thrown up a VSC issue. Are you sure you haven't inadvertently knocked anything whilst changing the bulbs. Bonnet shut properly? The only thing I would say is... The type of bulbs you got with the different blade end.... I could not get them to work anywhere on my car. Worked in my son's Audi but not my Lexus. But hey you found they worked. Are they both still illuminating? Strange
  5. That's how it is with mine ... but I'm on a facelift 2010 version. Many moons back I had a 07 220D. That did not have Bluetooth but I fitted a gadget thingy to give me Bluetooth capabilities. Lexus were incredibly slow off the mark with something as basic as Bluetooth on the earlier models.
  6. Good shout that’s where I got my kits from. Could not remember the name, but that’s the kiddie. 🙂
  7. You can get your parts from Lexus parts direct here on this forum, any motor part factors (euro carparts etc) or even reputable sellers on Ebay. There are many good sellers on Ebay. Always check the sellers feedback ... It's worth doing. If it were me I'd probably get all 8 slide pins and the boot kits for them and do the lot. You will usually get new caliper fastening bolts too. Your existing kit may be 12 years old if not done before. Make sure your mechanic uses Toyota Red Rubber grease for the slide pins. Crucially this grease won't attack the rubber boots and make them all stretchy a
  8. I'd say no. Its the actual connector foot that for me is the problem. My son had that type for his Audi. In the Audi they worked fine. In my Lexus I could not get 1 to work. The type I have in many places on my car, are all exactly like the connector foot in my picture. I have them in the sidelights, puddle lights, vanity mirrors and dome light at the front.
  9. I've used this type. Had them in there over 4 maybe even 5 years I'd guess. Called something along the lines of T10 Cree led wedge bulb. Don't try this type (as below)...the body melts from the main bulb heat!! Search Ebay and you'll find loads!! Price has plummeted over time.
  10. You could always prise out the hub centres (from the back of course!). Carefully remove the Lexus logo and spray the disc behind in black. Then refit the logo and glue them back in place (they have little location sprues) ... and you have no issues of matching and a nice contrast for the logo to stand out. This is how mine look now Mine you, you'd need to do all 4 .....just a thought. If you get a bit bored one weekend 🙂
  11. If you mean the one within the headlight unit. It's just a caplet type bulb ... think it was w5w type. Its held in a carrier that is attached towards the top at the back of the headlight unit. It's a twist and pull out carrier. Then pull out the bulb and replace.
  12. Hi, I see in your car picture that you have the same wheels as me. Do you know what the colour of them is called? It was suggested to be shadow chrome but i am not sure.


    1. normski2


      You may well be right on Shadow Chrome. I've heard that quoted before.

      However, I had my wheels refurbed about 4 years ago. So my colour is not the Lexus original.

  13. There is a Bass speaker hung under the rear parcel shelf But it's not an earth shaker. There was never a sub in the boot or owt like that. MM stands for Multi Media ..... by the way.
  14. You have a menu for Bass, Mid and Treble settings within as well. Could just be ... not set up how you would like it. We all have different listening preferences. Surround just gives it all bit more space and width and depth. I have some DVD audio discs and they do sound rather good I must admit.
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