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  1. Yep, as said above, that's the removable shelf. Probably just got knocked out of position.
  2. Here is a write up I did when replacing my discs and pads on a 2010 model. It's honestly not that awkward. At the end of the's up to you of course... but this will give you an idea of the work involved. If it can wait a bit, hang on until Spring when it's all a bit warmer. Or, see what a good local independent fitter quotes you. Best of luck
  3. A little oil...light machine oil or something like WD40 wouldn't be a bad idea to try. A little at a time though!! If you can, try and have a look at the mechanism to see if anything is stuck in there...leaf debris perhaps? or similar. Having oiled the area give it a few pulls back and forth to work the oil into the moving parts. Hopefully, the handle will then return to its stop position.
  4. I have auto folding mirrors on my model. They have frozen solid several times over the years.Nothing has burnt out on mine. If they are frozen up they just do not open out. I can normally pull the window out by hand to the open position and drive to work. I get to work and push them to the folded position when I lock the car. When it has warmed sufficiently they operate perfectly. Never had anything go wrong with mine
  5. Take a look through here. Should help you. I did get my sensors from USA though.
  6. Yep it's what I use all the time. This may help for other bits n bobs
  7. Nice one Ahmed I imagine there will be quite a few interested in this. Particularly now that Ashpoint does not appear to be offering the kit any more. Look forward to your write up. It may encourage me to try and do this on my son's Nissan X Trail. Nice to see you back here again. Your mod's are of great interest and always show excellent craft and attention to detail.
  8. Do you have both keys and are they the originals? From a quick Google search:- B2799 is a fault that appears when the engine immobilizer doesn't read the transponder key. This means the key used is not programmed or the key has lost the code in it thus not being recognized by the system(Most time these are keys that are cut after loss of the original key)
  9. Or it could have been the SE i variant that you drove. Most garages, from what I have observed, seem to wrongly (or the cynic in me thinks it might be deliberate) label the SE i as a SEL in their sales descriptions.
  10. Here is Newbie's guide I've updated the link in the 'How To' section as well, as that had gone awry.
  11. Yep, memory seat buttons are on the door card. A pic from a post of mine last year regarding door card removal