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  1. hi monkeyboy, I am lowered on H&R springs, 1.4" drop, for about two years now with approx. 30k miles done using them, no issues at all. I have done just normal geometry alignment. You will be happy same as I am :)
  2. It would be nice if you find it :) I wonder how to remove parking sensors and lamp washers. Cheers.
  3. Hi Tango, thanks for clarification, I will visit body shop in the nearest future, ask for advice and hopefully solve that painful problem soon :)
  4. so it happened to me, got hit :( two day ago I left my car on hospital parking near some crappy vehicle and when back noticed scratches on the right side of front bumper (see attached photo) Luckily, if there was any lack :tsktsk: , no dents or any mechanical damages are on the bumper but part of paint is removed in some points deep to plastic. Plastic car parking sensor cap was affected as well. (car needs to be dirty now, scars are less visible then, so appologise for not preparing it for photo session :)) now it needs rapaint. My plan is instead of taking all car to the garage and leave it for a couple of days, remove the bumper myself and give it to them. My question is... did any one of you removed it yourself or knows the answer how to do that, any tips? I did some research on internet and found one picture describing, seems to be pretty simple: disconnecting the grill... fine. I have some experience in small lip removal, did it when changed it for spoiler - simple. But what about parking sensors, are they attached to the bumper permanently, is it all about taking cover cap off? I also wonder how to remove headlight washer. I would be grateful for your help and any suggestions. I remember someone here on LOC had it painted and put clear bra (was it Tango?)... Thanks for help in advance.
  5. Hi chandru, I have got mudflaps on mine Cadoxton Slate and did not need to paint itas they are made from high density plastic which match car colour pretty fine, cost unpainted approx. 80GBP. You can have them painted at local lexus dealer for additional cost.
  6. I have Sussex leather in mine, and like its look too :) car more than 1 year old, 20K miles done so far and no problems at all,looks as new. I wear mainly jeans and no signs of blue on my seat. I cleaned it just twice during car exploitation using some Supagard stuff.
  7. Glad to hear that! I will do my hopefully just before Christmas, I do not have time to deal with it now, car will seat it my garrage anyway - sort of punishment for my "beloved" Lexus Marcin.
  8. oh man what a relief! now when we share same problem it tastes different! much better... I would say wish you quick fix, cheers!
  9. Hi gib, I have got TRC, might be an option for you. Bought it from manufacturer, germans - TRC, directly from their web page. Don't remember the cost, approx. 200 Euros. Not many people have it, different from what Lexus offers. Personally I wouldn't buy stuff like that from Ebay, True - not much choice when you live in Europe :( regards, Marcin.
  10. speaking about the VSC... I was driving back home, luckily was few miles away, when suddenly a few warning lights lit up along with "CHECK VSC" message When car is in "Ignition On" mode or engine is running I have VSC message, "Master warning light" (red triangle) and "Malfunction indicator lamp" on (yellow engine or transmission sign). According to the manual it could indicate malfunctions in engine control system, throttle or transmission control. Has anyone of you ever experienced anything like that, or any expert here have any idea what could go wrong? Would be grateful for help :) Car is one year old, almost 20k miles on the clock, wanted to do 20k service next month, regards, Marcin.
  11. Fabulous lip is an original japanese part, so it's pretty hard to import it to Europe, as any part not manufactured in Europe (plus long waiting), I have same problem with ordering red-outs, can't find any company supplying it to us Couldn't contact Fabulous directly, ordered mine lip through TRC as well. Fitting the lip is dead easy, did it myself. Need to unscrew two sides bolts and seven brackets/clips, remove original Lexus small lip, fit the Fabulous and use same bolts/clips for fitting the Fab. Took me about 20 minutes to install. Japanese lip fitts really well, holes are drilled in exact places, and there are not gaps after the install, solid as hell. It's made from good, high density material, originally it is not colour coded, can be ordered painted (extra cost for painting and purchase). How to install shows attached photo (taken from Fabulous manual).
  12. Glad you like :) It's Fabulous front plus 1.4" drop on H&R springs...
  13. I've got mine from germans, TRC, and like it pretty much. Cost approx. 200 Euros, easy to install (did it myself) , not drilling required, glued and holds it well. Pictures might be helpful, side view showing how subtle the spoiler is:
  14. yeah, it seems middle subwoofer is not working, but there is sound coming from it, might be not much of bass. I was at Lexus today, according to them, they did not play with sound system but agreed to take a look at it next week. I have check all spaekers - same sound in all speakers. I was brave enough to do the squeaks fix job myself, removed two clips, refit the plastic around clocks glass cover and no rattles any more Proud of myself!
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