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  1. Year 2000. some updates :D
  2. We reset the ECU after the assembly. I made 400Kilometers today with the charger and its really great, i'm very happy.... :D
  3. Hi Today we mount the supercharger kit from snowman, Helix clutch from Prolex, JUN, Eibach/TTE sway bars and Grill Thanks to SNOWMAN for that great kit!! And thanks to Boergy for the assembly! some pic's:
  4. @Mike_B: Yes that sounds great, i thought about for improving my english. But there's no time, and the cost of fuel are big. And collecting the front bumper by train,hmm :D @durrantie: That would be very nice. Could you please send my the cost of shipment if you know.
  5. Hi shake, The bumper costs 400Euros from TTE and the bumper of ebay around 100 Pounds. So i thought it would be much cheaper if i take the Ebay bumper. Shipping this to Austria is expensive i know. Thanks
  6. i've a new auction. Anyone helpful?
  7. The end of ebay is 26.06.08 17:01:34!!!
  8. Hello its from ebay and goes only approx. 1day Would anyone beeing so helpful to arrange the shipment of a TTE Front bumper from England to Austria? Anyone an idea how much the shipment is? The salesman would put it in a package & ship it within the UK. thanks best regards robert
  9. Wow, very nice!!! What type of front-bumper is it? Savage? it's looking great!
  10. i ban aztec for writing the word "germany"
  11. HochRo

    New Rims

    With my former 18" Ronal R38 with 225/40 tires, the car was accelerating less. And the car needs +1 liter fuel. Now i'm search for lighter 18" wheels. And.... my IS is stock
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