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  1. Basically the issue is at night intermittently the dashboard lights dont come on straight away the headlights come on fine as normal however the dashboard (instrument lights) dont! The full beam light works however things like the speedo and heater, radio aren’t light up? They might come on 5 seconds later or it might be 5mins later. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this. I have checked the fuses and relay's etc they seem ok? Should I replace them?? Any advice would be a great help as im stuck with this one? Thanks. Oli
  2. Wondering if anyone can help. Driving to work this morning, suddenly out of no where TRC light on dash starts flashing along with engine light :( Engine still running ok and sounding ok but clearly not all is well as I pulled over as soon as i could and stopped turned it off and then a lovely trail of brownish water appeared from under the engine. I couldn’t quite make out where it was coming from didn’t look like the radiator but was just coming from the undertray. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone and they know or have any idea what it might be?? Any help would be massively appreciated. Cheers Oli
  3. Hi. Last month my power steering pump started to make a terrible squealing noise, it has got to a point now where the shame of the noise is getting to me and its time i changed it.. Its exceptionally noisy first thing when its cold, once its warmed up it gets better'ish.. Its definately the pump the fluid is A ok i changed that and there is no air in it for sure. Has anyone changed theirs or have any idea how much I should be looking to pay? There are used ones on eBay for around £30 - £60 or should I only buy new? Cheers. Oli
  4. Lovely start to the year, started my car fine then drove down the drive and cut out on me. Now the battery seems to be dead ive changed that, still it wont start seems as if there is no fuel getting to the engine and there is definately fuel in the car, also the security light keeps flashing and im not sure if it did this before? Any ideas on this one would be much appreciated. Cheers guys & Happy New Year!
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7334233.stm What's is the world coming to these days :D
  6. Afraid not, i took the cd player out and there were 7 discs crammed into the changer, I managed to remove 4 however there are 3 still stuck in there. Im planning on taking it out again and removing the last 3. However you seem to have to remove all power then the changer goes through a reset process reads all disks and you can then remove them 1 by 1. Seems the only resolution is to replace the OEM with a aftermarket one.
  7. I get 35mpg easily in a IS200 Sport manual, i get ridiculed for MPG but hay i wouldn’t swap my baby.
  8. Welcome to the OEM stereo hell, im in the same boat as yourself seems aftermarket is the only way. :(
  9. Stay away from CAT D's bad news, if you buy it you'll never be able to sell it. Ive seen it happen so many times.
  10. Yeah I thought the same to be honest. Yeah I know, seems the only option although I know, extra hassle with the amp by-pass lead and the fact i have Sat Nav as well.. Lovely job!! :D
  11. Hi, I was just wondering what do the little numbers actually mean? My stereo is a 13904 from a Xreg 2000 Sport. Does it mean i can only replace it with a stereo with the same number?? What numbers will work?? I know there is obviously a difference with the ones with a CD slot at the top and ones at the bottom. I’m so confused!! Seems the only safe way is an aftermarket CD player but im fighting it as I want to keep the OEM one. Cheers Oli
  12. Hopefully someone can help me, I am thinking about getting a private plate however i have noticed that the rear plate is larger than the normal size plates (front one). Has anyone or does anyone know where to get a rear plate from, i presume the Stealer (Dealer) is the only option i have? Im getting it through the DVLA do they supply physical plates or do i have to get them made myself? Cheers Oli
  13. I am after an original Lexus stereo with the CD loader at the top, is this available?? As I have the lovely ERROR 3!!! Cheers :)
  14. Many Thaks guys as always LOC never lets me down. Have a good weekend all, cheers for the advice. :)
  15. I have been having a play with my sat nav however it seems once i have entered an poscode i cannot select another route. I select destination and the only opition to me is HOME everything else is "blue'd" out and i cant select it. Does anyone have any instructions for the sat nav? Or any ideas why this is happening? Many Thanks
  16. Thanks for the help guys. Spoke to lexus in Chester and they confirmed there the same. Ordered myself a set only take 48hrs to arrive. :)
  17. Today i went into my local toyota dealership to purchase some mats for my X Reg 2000 IS200 Sport. However to be told they have discontinued these in black!!! Although the bloke said we have them for a S and SE. Is there any difference?? Also they seemed very cheap at £35. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks Oli
  18. older radios only have orange lights, newer ones have both i believe...... have u actually tried to put a cd in???? radios do not have a code so dont worry about that. Mines has only orange lights so it seems on the stereo, its a 2000 X Reg Sport. I also cant seem to see a fuse box on the drivers side ive looked at the manual and it shows the only fuse box as being under the bonnet?? Ive tried to yes and it wont let me. Ive pressed load and tried to insert a disc and it wont let me!
  19. could well be a stuck disc mate...try and do what was said by the other member and remove the fuse and then put it back in.. I will give that a blast, does it lose the code for the radio if i remove the fuse??
  20. Oli hi when you press load the light on the front will turn green for you to insert the disc ( you have to wait for it to turn green and display LOAD ) you then put the cd in and the player should take the cd in, if there is a disk in the first slot of the multichanger it would find the next available slot out of the six and display this on the front of the unit unless all six are full up? Thanks for all the advice. I have tried the above and when i press the LOAD button it says "Load Disc 1" however the lights by the CD opening do not change they just stay orange. Does this probably mean there is a CD stuck in it??
  21. Thanks for that i will give it blast when i get home. If that doesnt sort it i will take the stereo out and see if there are any stuck discs in it. Is it easy to remove, any one got a brief guide how to remove them as i dont want to break it or anything. :)
  22. Hi, First ever post: I have recently brought a IS200 however upon driving it home i had a few issues when attempting to use the CD player (Has the slot at the top of the stereo). There maybe a easy fix or not. Or i may even be a total fool and not know what im doing.. (Probably the later.) 1) When i try to insert a CD into the slot it wont let me insert one. 2) I press "LOAD" it seems to try to load disc 1 but as far as i am aware there is no disc in there. 3) Pressing "EJECT" seems to do nothing. I would be much appreciated if anyone has any advice on my issues as its kinda annoying not being able to play CD's. The changer mechanism seems ok as it makes all the right noises when i press load and there is no ERR3 messages being displayed. Many Thanks. Oli