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  1. I down loaded a manual today, and in there is the data. 1mm +- 2mm
  2. The brake calipers on toffee-pie's look good. Are they standard ? Mine don't say 'Lexus' on the outside...
  3. thanks for everyone's help. I think my problem is with the electronics. The screen is completely dead, so it's not just the 'touch' part that is not working. Sometimes the buttons under the screen work even though they are not illuminated, but pressing the 'auto' button for the climate control, now turns the radio on and off !!!! I'm getting a complete unit off eBay, but not sure about the sat nav DVD. I don't know how to get mine out without the screen working !?
  4. Although the lights were not illuminated on the switches under the sreen they did work and bleeped. I have now disconnected overnight but there was no change. I took the car to the dealership this morning but noticed when explaining the problem to the technician that the buttons had stopped working. They had the car all day but only came up with 'multiscreen needs replacing' at £2200 !!!! If anyone has any ideas .... Thanks
  5. I've recently had new tyres fitted and the tracking adjusted. Since then I'm using more fuel !!!! So I thought I might check it myself and have ordered a diy tracking gauge. I'll pass on my experiences afterwards.
  6. Do you know what they did to your wheels ? I have seen a couple of TV programmes where they do very little prep, and simply mask the tyres and spray !!! How much does it cost ? Nice brakes.... they don't look original ?
  7. Thanks for the quick response. I think you might have something with the release bearing, but not sure how I could check that without removing the gearbox.
  8. I tried doing a diagnostic, but as the screen isn't working I couldn't see the result !!!
  9. I believe I have the same problem. My IS220d does not respond well when the accelerators is pressed until the turbo comes in. Anyone any ideas on how to clean the manifold and perhaps the cylinder head inlet port.
  10. Gearbox rattles at tickover. It stops when I press the clutch. I presume when I press the clutch, the input shaft stops spinning. Anyone else had this ?
  11. I find I need to strip both front and back calipers every year to free the caliper and the pins that they should slide on.
  12. I had mine done some months ago. They fitted a new valve and an improved stainless steel tube. I had cleaned mine two or three times but found the valve stem was worn and I presume not sealing correctly.
  13. I was working on the brakes having to use a hammer to diasassemble !! When I started the car the display screen was blank.. totally dead. The switches below were also dead and not showing any illumination. The aircon was still blowing, and the radio/cd still works. I can't turn the aircon off. I've checked the fuses which seem applicable and all are ok. I took the centre console out but all the connectors seemed ok. The clock is ok, and airbag warning sign works. I've disconnected the battery, and on reconnection the only change was the fan speed was lower, which I can't change without the screen working. Has anyone else had this ? The car is a 55 plate IS220d.
  14. I have ABS and Traction Control lights on, on the dash, and the AFS light is flashing as well. I have had a look at the ride height sensor on the rear suspension, which has three pins, and I am assuming it is a potentiometer, but the resistance between the pins doesn't make any sense, nor does it change when the 'crank' is rotated. Can anyone help with the specified output for this sensor. The car is a 2005 IS220d
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