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  1. Possible new CT ?

    I thought this was an interesting read.. Autoexpress gives a snippet of info about possibke direction of future CT, interesting Be aware i think the image they have in there is the upcoming UX though...
  2. Regarding diesel, I think this is changing, i know a mate whos company always used to Diesel cars in their fleet, they are now looking into Hybrids.. I think Lexus needs to further improve (no doubt they would be), but also to then tune their hybrids into various guises.. to give a slightly more variation between fuel economy vs performance..
  3. I have an IS300H F Sport. I was stopped at some traffic lights and suddenly th steering wheel moved up by itself, I re-adjusted it but later on it moved again. I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before ?
  4. Now here's an old thread I really wanted to post on.. with this link Didn't think Toyota were sitting back and doing nothing,,, and this is what i was saying that new battery tech is needed for next gen hybrids through to mass adoption of EVs, . rather than using 20+ year old Lithium Ion tech ( invented by Sony more than 20 years ago) used in all Tesla, Leaf, etc.. Just think with current battery tech , how much of car like tesla is just batteries.. Granted I will have changed my current car well before 2022..
  5. Can't believe they'll be dropping the 2.0T I won't get another 300H unless they up the drivability that is lacking for motorway drive under certain situation ( even in sport mode). Though I must admit every other type of drive in town, A, B roads it is great. Surely Lexus needs a turbo ICE for their next gen Hybrid, or is there going to be an EV coming along. ?
  6. Don't think Lex is a Lexus Franchise dealer, more a car leasing company that deals with all makes...
  7. Fuel Warning Light

    Interesting topic, I usually fill up before warning lights come on. Today my low fuel warning light came on and I drove another 11 miles or so miles before I pulled into a BP station and filled up, it only took 54.3 litres. Is that normal, the display showed that i had around 22 miles left showing.. ? I
  8. I can't agree that it has elements of Hyundai or Kia, I've always felt that Hyundai/Kia have always baen pinching design elements from Toyota for the past 3 generations of any models. That;s my view anyway. I liked the LF FC concept much better, but what theyve done with the production LS is growing on me, though wold liked to have seen more of the concept rear on the Prod..
  9. The AWD option would be fantastic if it were an option here..
  10. Sorry yes, you are right. apologies.. What I hate is people trying to do a hard sell on Tesla on a Lexus forum, I'm sure none of us go onto BMW/erc forum to do the same there.. This forum topic was meant to be gentle chat about possible future purchases, all makes consideed including even Tesla by some - fine., but not to be a technical/marketing sell on Tesla. If I was a Tesla fanboy, I'd go onto ta tesla Forum..
  11. " Just because they say one thing now, doesn't mean they will not change their mind. Im 100% sure that Toyota said they wouldn't be doing plug in hybrids, yet the prius can be had in plug-in hybrid form " So if you say that, you are agreeing with me, you cannot determine future products based on their current marketing, otherwise you'd be able to predict what they have in R&D, and you know you cannot say anything for certainty, based even on what you have said yourself. Hence for you to say that Lexus hates EVs based on current ads,& marketing push is groundless don't you think ?
  12. The same of marketing. You cannot tell or determine future company policy or future products based on it's current marketing. It's current marketing is to sell it's current range of Hybrid. It's claim is currently true wouldn't you say othewise it would fall foul of advertising standards.
  13. That's marketing for you. When VW were making racist ads in the 70/80s, did you consider VW a racist company or did you see see it as just marketing against the onslaught of Japanese imports ? A better idea of Toyotas/Lexus stance would be from an executive, even then he wouldn't be letting on in terms of details of what they have behind the scenes, All i can say is, what is your agenda on this forum ?
  14. Merc C250d is a 4 cylinder 2 litre diesel that gets arround 200bhp ( certainly not underpowered , maybe the auto box is rubbish) As mentoned the BMW 335d is a 3 litre diesel, how can someone compare th Just like AMG line, M-sport, S-line
  15. Merc 4 pot diesels with auto certainly has one of the loudest kickdown noise on motorways.