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  1. Thanks David.. I'll give it a go..
  2. 1. Ignition OFF, hold the wiper switch in the all the way up (OFF) position, turn ignition ON, engine not running, and continue to hold the wiper switch in the OFF position for 5 seconds or more 2. Move wiper switch down 1 position and HOLD for 5 seconds or more 3. Move the wiper switch up to OFF position and hold for 5 seconds or more 4. Move wiper switch down 1 position and hold for 5 seconds or more 5. Release the wiper switch. The right turn signal should flash 1 time ... .... So this is part of the procedure... I can't seem to get it working,, Point 1 - what is the wiper OFF position,? should that not be the postion that it is in by default, ? is there a need to hold it ? i thought all the way up is the manual on for turning wiper on ?
  3. Thanks for the clarification guys.. The car has already been through 3 winters, so knowing that the car has been like that from day 1 is reassuring..
  4. Does anyone now what the part is on an IS300H ? the first photo shows where it is withinn the engine bay and the second photo is a close up shot The wires look abit exposed and I've nly just noticed it after a recdnt service.. Should I take it back and ask to get the wires covered up or something, it looks a but sloppy whilst might not be an issue in the summer perhaps would in the winter ? thanks
  5. I think one more thing, Toyota has been looking at Hydrogen, and in doing so it does not mean they are not aware of PHEV with Lithium Ion..and for reason mentioned above they are researching and developing next generation battery, either for full EV or Hydrogen ( less chance of this) ,, I have read few artiucles about the reasoning behind Toyota placing less emphsis on PHEV. hybrids due to above reasons. As for pure PHEVs, how much of a car is battery ( full of Lithium Ion), battery tech isn;t quite ready for full mass market.. probably just one generation away, hence Toyota's research/evelopment in solid state battery, to improve density/power etc.. hence didn;t Toyota annouce their game changer solid state plans..?
  6. PHEVS hybrids use Lithium ION, and as Toyota have found that there is only so much charge anc discharge on them.. unlike the robust NiHi used in most Toyota/lexus Hybrids.. Isn;t Toyota looking as jumping to next gen batteries ( bypassing Lithi). in its Solid state batteries... but having said that they do Plugin Priuses using Litium Ion.. PHEV when the juice runs out, has been shown to be less efficient than Toyota/lexus vehicles.. so I dont agree that everyone else has suddenly overtaken Toyota/Lexus.. just ony in certainn applications.. e.g. lots of short journeys and constant plug in to recharge...but in continues longer journeys ( beyond the range of pure EV) Toyota/Lexus will win on economy
  7. Some of the reasoning don't make sense.. How is Audi able to distinguish itself from its VW/Seat/Skoda sister plaform ? Surely Lexus is able to distinguish the ES from the Toyota Avalon ( or Camry) despite sharing the same underpinnings ? I cannot believe that Lexus can make such a fundamental mistake. 3 things Audi does to distinguish itself from its sisters cars, 1. style & quality of material 2. perceived quality and image ( marketing plays a huge part) 3. Perfomance ( on average better than its sister cars, tuned or bigger range if engines) On a separate note, I think German premium makes (except maybe BMW) over the past 8-10 years have benefited from cheating diesels as a whole.. in the light of recent heavier crackdown on cheating. in diesels. makers such as Lexus deserve a bigger market share ( more of the public may have not chosen German by default had all this kicked off sooner) and should be praised for having the forsight to give up on diesel 8 years ago.. The last labour goverment also had a part in jumpomg on the whoe CO2 band wagon by promotimg diesels. Note also there was an independent report that noted all Euro6 diesels go over the standard in real world usage.. some many times over.. The German biased press publications in UK has a lot to answer for IMO.
  8. Not Quite.. Only the first 5 generations of ES were based on the Camry, since the 6th Gen the ES has been based on the Avalon platform.. As others may have alluded ( as well as some US reviewers) , i think the new ES may well come with a 4WD variant..
  9. The new Lexus ES (7th Gen) & 6th Gen is based on the Avalon platform (Japan only car) .. 1st to 5th gen ES were based same platform as Camry..
  10. Thanks guys, I will bear your comments in mind.. i still have a few months to think about this..
  11. My cars 3 year warranty is coming up to the end of it's 3rd year. For those who have an older ( more than 3 years) IS300H, can i ask if its worth getting an extended warranty for say 2 years ?
  12. I like how this guy reviews.. It;s american I know, and also the car is a V6 which I don't think we'll get in the UK ( due to dumb Co2/VED tax rules).. but nevertheless the ES looks better than i thought.. His review of the LC is pretty cool too.. do search for that...
  13. Interesting.. how else are they to increase volumes but to increase the choices..
  14. To be honest I think Lexus might me making a mistake.. why couldn;t they keep the rear wheek drive and do comfort or sporty across the GS by dping different tune of the hybrid system.. They need to learn a thing or two from the German's. The Germans have so many tunes of engine.. from economy through to the M, AMG, S etc.. With Lexus you only get a normal hybrid or straight through to the Fs... E.g. on my current IS, the next level of performance isn't even availble on the IS, it's with the RCF..Surey Lexus can do more with their hybrids ?