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  1. Lately there has been exciting news from Lexus/Toyota, with Lexus showing off the LF-30 EV concept as well as the almost production ready UX300e EV, whist Toyota showed off the new Toyota RAv4 (Prime) - plug-in.. It is the RAV4 that got me thinking, due to the specs that were revealed.. 302bhp, upto 39miles in EV mode, 90MPGe (USA ?) and 0-60mph in 5.8ecs etc.. I bought my IS300H outright early this year, though i am happy with the car and it has been very reliable, i didn't want more of the same by switching to a 2019 model through another personal PCP.. I wasn't really interested in any other brands and not really ready for full EV.. hence my thoughts for a next Gen IS and wish list. If Lexus were to announce a new iS then it would need to up their game, considering the competition from BMW, Volvo, Merc plug-ins... in terms of the MPG and performace etc.. Is a replacement ready/paproved and when will it be announced ? or if the IS sized saloon in the elxus range be ended ?
  2. 80 Euro for installation, it'll cost much more in the UK..
  3. Apparently a trade mark filing has been made in Europe
  4. Interesting.. On thursdsay, i did a return journey to North London from Leicester just over 211 miles.. It was showing 57,8 mpg, I did not think it was possible on an F-Sport. It was a full tank when i left Leicester Sainsburys ( Fosse park) i think i could have got it higher, because i remember seeing it at 60.4mpg when i got to London.. but on the way up i had to do more hard accelerstion a number of times.. Currently, i'm still on 53.4mpg on the same tank of fuel.. My point being that . anything up to 70-80mph, its not the actual speed that determines the economy, but the speed of the engine in RPM.. Hard acceleration will always reduce fuel economy because you are putting load on the engine suddenly.. Either in normal/eco mode gentley accelerate to desired speed then keep at contant speed or in sports mode quickly get up to speed to desired speed and keep at the constant speed then change back to eco/normal. Key is not to always do constant change of speeds i.e accelerate So on the motorway i use cruise control snd when i check the RPM in sports mode i see its at round 1500rpm.. unless it's going u hill hence rpm goes higher..and uses more fuel... i somestimes stop cruise control and use gentle throttle to not let the rpm rev too higher, of course balancing the speed you need to go at to climb the incline.. When i use cruise control i sometimes use up/down setting to slwo slow down speed of car if I'm xarching car in front too far ( my cruise ciontrol does not have radar control). I think the key is therefore to keep at the optimum engine rpm ( i think between 1000rpm-1750rpm) for best fuel economy. that is my experience..
  5. I'm not in the market for this new car. My commentg on this car is that is that the starting price should be around £27K like the BMW X2, not at £29K. I suppose for a car made outside of the EU, it is difficult to match the EU made X2. Perhaps when the Japan/QU trade deal kicks in, pricing for alot of japanese gods in the EU can be made more competitive...but as for UK, not sur what will happen, wether we can benefit or not due to whats happening with Brexit..
  6. Some interesting bits about the erodynamics of the new UX. I like the way they do things at Lexus, in regards to shape/formf/function and look/style.
  7. Apparently charge and dis-charge cycles are much better than Li-Ion.. note from experience what's in a typical mobile phones after less than 2 years, the battery has lost its ability to store as much charge as when new... the rate of decay on Li-Ion is much worse than NiMh.. Aren't many companies inckuding Toyota trying to develop next gen batteries that are solid state etc that are supposedly much better.. to get higher power density in smaller volume than current battery tech...
  8. I have mine set for 30 secs too and also find it's too short.. i think 60 secs is ideal.. I wonder if there is any hidden setting tht allows it to be set longer than 30secs...
  9. Sorry, why shoud I share my findings, find it yourself ! It seems even if cold hard facts were presented in front of you you'd still deny it and twist the facts, evident from many comments you make on this forum.. you are entitiled to your opinion, but you cannot force it on others. I never said the average car was a Lexus.. did you just twist or did not comprehend the post ? I used the Lexus ES as an example of a car doing 0-60 in 8.5, my pointy being a car that does 0-60 in 8.5 secs is fast enough for an average driver in the UK.. Now even a car doing 0-60 in 10secs can safely join a motorway lessons.. .. if you can't, I seriously hope you stop driving or get some motorway driving lessons Back to hybrids, i'm willing to bet i can get my hybrid is300H from 0-60 consistently quicker that your IS250, on average without wrecking my eCVT, and definitely not my clutch as i don't have one. thank you..
  10. That's a very good point. The average of UK cars 0-60mph is actually more than 10 secs. So I don't know where the crazy theory of cars doing 0-60 greater than 10 sec are dangerous comes from. But back to Lexus es, a car that can do 0-60 in around 8.5 is plenty fast for an average user. Also it's not just about 0-60, especially when joining motorways, 30-60 is more relevant.
  11. I'm not so sure for Lexus leicester, for my last car i thnk they just replaced the rubber and it was terrible likewise with my current car in its first year. I just think they sourced non denso rubber. at least with the whole denso wiper ypu'll know it's all genuine.. maybe Sytner ( previous owner of lexus Leicester) were cutting corners..
  12. You are right Lexus dealers just replace the rubber, well for Lexus Leicester anyway, i saw them doing in first year of my cars ownership on my car dash cam. whatever rubber they use is of rubbish quality, didn't work well for long and made screeching noises soon after. As recommended by you guys I've replaced the whole part with Denso OEM wipers and they perform like as new when i first got my car.. Now I'm not worried whether it rains or partially rains as its absolute bliss to see the wipers doing its job without annoying me..
  13. Thanks all.. I've ordered the Denso Hybrids from Euro carparts and will be picking them up on Monday, There's an offer on at the moment...