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  1. That'd be cool if that is true, though I'm not in market for SUV typed vehicle..
  2. This is not a Lexus.. imagine if there was a plug in IS.. This is amazing as the reviewer says during his drive...
  3. I had my 50K service early this month @ 47K miles since it was over 1 year since last service. I just aid the intermediate service charge, I'm looking at essential service (60K and onwards) for next service or appropriate service plan..
  4. My car is also a 65 plate, I'm thinking also to get a service plan too. Is your next three service the 60K,70K and 80K service and isit the essential package ?
  5. Not a hatchback, compafe against the current .. if anything makes the current IS more of a htachback whoch iy isn;t thoiugh... see comparison The refresh IS is the best iteration of the IS so far..
  6. I think it looks great, but the base model ( espcially in the grey colour) looks even better than the F sport trim Check out from 3:39 especially the front and the rear.
  7. Has a close side profile to current RC whch isn't a hatchback
  8. i like the look of it.. the product is tweeked for performance Well Townsend Bell is encouragingg USA enthusicaste to feedback concerning an ISF. Will they listen to EU/Uk enthusiasts ifpeople make a noise.. I can see why they dropped this release here.. without the shackles of EU/Uk regulations.. they cam tweak alot of the design and compnents for increased performance, For emmisions regulations, they don't have a PHEV package that fits in the IS body (my view) , befitting of the tweeks that hae been made for what essentially is a compact sports saloon/sedan, if they had I don't think it would be dropped so easily here.. Here's hoping a new generation that comes after this can allow the IS to return to the EU.UK with an appropriate powertrain, returning to the roots of an IS , In sportyness, looks, perfomance as well as with efficiency. Current generation IS has been about looks and efficiency only.
  9. That's a harsh comment.. The is still strong elements of the current gen IS with sligt tweeks, btw mondeo wasn't releaed until 1992.. and Ford;s neevr looked good at all except for the Capri. Also Mondeo didn;t do it high waste line until 2007, way after BMW and Lexus started doing it in 5 series, LS and 2nd gen IS.
  10. If the GS returns, lets hope it rerturn to be the RWD saloon that covers oith GS/IS.. my guess it wil be full EV when it returns.. or maybe FC if it ever takes off..
  11. This is exactly what I've been saying in my rants.. Lexus' current trajectory is sleepwalking into oblivion.. last night still seeing TV ads with Self charging, no plugging in.. At the oment what we are seeing n the UK/EU, Lexus just do not get it.. either that or they have something up their sleeves.. from what we sre seeing on the surface. they have no clue..
  12. Indeed market share in the UK is the highest it has ever been, only because it has slowly been neglecting its core enthusiasts by slowly moving more into more ranges of SUVs. and hence gaining a new range of customers who would not have nornally gone for Lexus. However at the rate of Lexus development they too will become disillusion, just like I have after owning 2 lexus, not that I will be selling any time soon though. For me as a 40 something (as well other age ranges) , surely I'm one of the targets of Lexus for custom. Lexus is mainstream ( though only in the USA). The EU as a whole is a big economy. bigger than USA. Surely the target of Lexus is for larger sales in th EU and maybe even to surpass the USA. In order to do that Lexus EU/UK need to do a much better job, ask for what it wants to be successful. Lexus HQ need to shock EU/UK into action, because the way they are going about things with self charging, it will not take them very far when people wake up to the nonsense in this day and age.. The 10% import tariff will end as EU and Japan have come up with a trade deal. hence why Honda is closing its Uk factory in anticipation.
  13. Actually the only blip on quality for lexus was the diesel, though for me it was very good.. On the whole, UK hasn't gone the route of Italy in mov9iing the customer service over to Toyota dealership etc..
  14. Yes agree.. BMW will be coming out with upto 62Miles of EV range in their new PHEvs, not sure which one. BMW are coming out with a range PHEVs, EVs as well as still flogging existing polluting diesels and petrols.. Yes BMW are a volume manufacturer, and Lexus are supposed to be a low volume ( so we are told though confirmed by sales figuresin the EU/UK). But Lexus in the EU/UK end up cutting products lines due to low sales. But Lexus aren't exactly low volume in the USA.. It is actually utter failure for Lexus EU/UK for not incresing sales.. afterall how did USA start, from lowly position. If Lexus were to have a magic wand. I;m sure they really want higher sales in the EU/UK.