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  1. I'm not so sure for Lexus leicester, for my last car i thnk they just replaced the rubber and it was terrible likewise with my current car in its first year. I just think they sourced non denso rubber. at least with the whole denso wiper ypu'll know it's all genuine.. maybe Sytner ( previous owner of lexus Leicester) were cutting corners..
  2. You are right Lexus dealers just replace the rubber, well for Lexus Leicester anyway, i saw them doing in first year of my cars ownership on my car dash cam. whatever rubber they use is of rubbish quality, didn't work well for long and made screeching noises soon after. As recommended by you guys I've replaced the whole part with Denso OEM wipers and they perform like as new when i first got my car.. Now I'm not worried whether it rains or partially rains as its absolute bliss to see the wipers doing its job without annoying me..
  3. Thanks all.. I've ordered the Denso Hybrids from Euro carparts and will be picking them up on Monday, There's an offer on at the moment...
  4. Sorry if this has been posted by someone before. Has anyone chaged their wiper bladesrubber on their car. i find the wipers on the IS300H wipes well overall , but i feel sometimes feel it's making tpo much noise when it's slightly wet and it;s wiping away. It;s a screeching noise, i think all that Lexus leicester does is just change the rubber when i told them during the first year of ownership, maybe it's just Leicester. has anyone just replaced the whole blade itself or just the rubber and how is it possible ? any recmmendations ?
  5. Thas all..I've been busy lately.. the cars a little dirty due to weather now,, They sorted it all out in the end. Just over 5 days.. Paintwise they've done a good job. and the feel of the repair good. The overall experience was actually let down by the extra paint/finisher insde the fuel flap and on the rear screen, but overall a good job..
  6. thanks. I will check whether it's paint or finishing tomorrow morning, i was just so annoyed today after initial analysis, that I didn't investigate in more I had things to do..
  7. Many thanks.. Was a very good test.. didn't have to cover as it's pitch dark outside 🙂 There was a clear difference when on vs off... so it was just me being paranoid.. i must have mixed up my differences between brightness and glare.. Thanks for that quick simple test...
  8. Thanks, I'll give that a test in a moment..
  9. Just a quick question, it;s something that pops out at me after having got my car back after accident repair yesterday ( rear/ side etc..) I have always taken this feature for granted as it is a feature presumably on all trim levels. ? Anyway yesterday, whilst driving back home, i seem to be dazzled by cars in my rear with their headlights, hitting the auto button on/off does not seem to make any difference. Bers in mind I havent driven my car for 5 days. Am i being paranoid or is there something wrong ? btw, the outside side mirrors also seem to dazzle me too when cars are in the right position behind and to the right/left of me, Is the Anti-glare only on the inside rear view mirror only, and is there something wrong with my car considering what i have described above ?
  10. Just an update.. I got the car back Friday around 4.30pm.. why do i mention time ? it's significant as it is quite dark outside. I opted not to sign a satisfaction form as I requested to see the car in a better light , presumably it is for them to send back to my insurance company so tat they can be paid for the job. As of writing I have not signed and therefore haven't sent the form back to them yet. They explained to me that they replaced the rear door completely, repaired dents, on front door, wheeklarch portion, and rear bumper, as well as replace rear alloy and replaced tyre. And after having a chat wit the aftersales manager i agreed with his explantion that not replacing the wheel arch bit is better as changing it completely is a bigger risk, and possibly as some say here, may affect the integrity of the car and to not interferring with possible spot welded points etc.. so that point i agree with you guys and what the man at lexus said. I have been too busy today, but the crux of the matter is this morning i spotted lots of white paint seeping through inside the fuel fillling flap, lots of white paint specs on the rear glass screen, and the rear alloy seems to have a different shade than the other 3, apparenty it's a new alloy. but I'm not so sure and it looks refurbished and re-painted/sprayed etc... I have shown my brother who came round and he also thinks it looks a different colour. The question is, am i being too fussy ? considering it's an insurance job and they are a lexus dealer after all with their own body shop, they should have the confidence that they would be paid by my insuranve comany on a complated job to my satisfaction. To be honest i find it very sloppy and the cynic in me is that they left is very late on Friday to hand over the car to me hoping that I won't spot their job done to 95% level... Is Inchcape cutting corners ? Should Lexus not be enforcing strict exacting standards of absolute service in all their dealers ?
  11. I took the car in on Monday, i was quoted Wednesday/Thursday for it to be ready. I had to call in today just to find out what was happening. I was promised ( by the receptionist) that i would get call back from someone, but I never did.. What do you think is taking so long ? I fear that they will just fill out the wing bit that is just on the wheel arch that is metal.. I sepcificailly aske dthem to just replace that part because it was deep.. How am I to tell if they've replaced it or filled it ? To my previous posts, I think for me , even if it looks the same, the feeling won't be the same.. but that is me..
  12. Not done yet, but booked in with the main dealer. Yes, i saw your post.. that's what I'm hoping Lexus will do to mine... but the nick on the side of rear bumper would be repaired rather tha replaced i would presume..
  13. Where the gash on the bumper, if it is a replacement, it's quite a large piece that extends top edge to the front. i trust the dealer would know what to do.. I'd rather they replace that piece to be honest..
  14. Thanks.. Car's just over 3 years so has some avlue still.. because I'll be taking to a main dealer colour won;t be a problem.. mine would be the F sport white, not sure if it' s pearl..
  15. Thanks all.. The car's booked in for next Monday. Since it's an insurance job, I hope they'll do a good job and do whatever is necessary. I will also get them to check the wheel and suspension in detail, but perhaps they would do that anyway. I'd rather they replace parts rather than repair and to be honest I won't think of the car in the same way anymore.. just not the same anymore..