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  1. For a few weeks i had this slight buzzing noise from the passengers side, i knew i had emptied the rubbish and always removed bits from the side pockets like I normally do.. I just happened to look into it amd found my mums metal framed glasses, I didn't realis she had left them there, and as she has a couple of frames she wasn't missing them. The noise was due to her glasses..
  2. Look at the IS200t video again 5:40 to 6:20 it doesn't feel fast.. because it is so smooth, that's the gist of his message.. it is picking up speed and looking at the speedo confirms this as he says.. Ket point, it;s not a track car.. Quite the opposite of what you are saying it seems..
  3. Definitely should give A5/A6 a good run for it money.. The F sport trim looks good.. If they do an AWD that would defnietly be interesting but i doubt they'd do one because of the SUV range,,
  4. Anyone see the review of the ES in Autoexpress ? Not that I'm after one.. Just thought that some might be..
  5. mpls

    Extended warranty

    As far as I can tell the same staff remain, and it's alway nice to see familiar faces and to have that continuity. to be honest I was happy when the dealer was under Sytner anyway. So maybe it really depends on the staff in the dealership and at the end of the day Lexus UK (Toyota GB) surely maintains some sort of minimum standards anyway to deal in Lexus cars.. Anyway the person who sold me my current car is happy to be under Inchcape. IMO, just by looking at the Sytner current web site, it now seems to haev an air of European snobbery about it..
  6. mpls

    Extended warranty

    No, it's been changed.. Inchape has taken over all the Sytner Lexus dealers I believe..
  7. Ok. That makes sense..
  8. mpls

    Extended warranty

    Interesting you mention all that. As i recall you have a Tesla right.. do you know how much it costs to fix a prang on a Tesla or have any work done on a Tesla.. I read they also cost an arm and a leg... I believe Sytner don't deal in Lexus cars anymore more and possibly nor any other Japanese marques.. The cynic in me beleive the Japanese cars are more reliable hence less potential profit margin after the initial sales.
  9. So this wasn't done by Lexus ?
  10. Thanks David.. I'll give it a go..
  11. 1. Ignition OFF, hold the wiper switch in the all the way up (OFF) position, turn ignition ON, engine not running, and continue to hold the wiper switch in the OFF position for 5 seconds or more 2. Move wiper switch down 1 position and HOLD for 5 seconds or more 3. Move the wiper switch up to OFF position and hold for 5 seconds or more 4. Move wiper switch down 1 position and hold for 5 seconds or more 5. Release the wiper switch. The right turn signal should flash 1 time ... .... So this is part of the procedure... I can't seem to get it working,, Point 1 - what is the wiper OFF position,? should that not be the postion that it is in by default, ? is there a need to hold it ? i thought all the way up is the manual on for turning wiper on ?
  12. Thanks for the clarification guys.. The car has already been through 3 winters, so knowing that the car has been like that from day 1 is reassuring..
  13. Does anyone now what the part is on an IS300H ? the first photo shows where it is withinn the engine bay and the second photo is a close up shot The wires look abit exposed and I've nly just noticed it after a recdnt service.. Should I take it back and ask to get the wires covered up or something, it looks a but sloppy whilst might not be an issue in the summer perhaps would in the winter ? thanks
  14. I think one more thing, Toyota has been looking at Hydrogen, and in doing so it does not mean they are not aware of PHEV with Lithium Ion..and for reason mentioned above they are researching and developing next generation battery, either for full EV or Hydrogen ( less chance of this) ,, I have read few artiucles about the reasoning behind Toyota placing less emphsis on PHEV. hybrids due to above reasons. As for pure PHEVs, how much of a car is battery ( full of Lithium Ion), battery tech isn;t quite ready for full mass market.. probably just one generation away, hence Toyota's research/evelopment in solid state battery, to improve density/power etc.. hence didn;t Toyota annouce their game changer solid state plans..?