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  1. I had this a while ago when alternator went. Had to clear, use a paper clip in pin 4 and opposite in obd . Turn ignition on and it goes through a sequence for about 5 secounds. Then start car run for roughly same time. Remove clip start car and mine was cleared.
  2. I changed mine a proper b to do the back bracket. A how to there is plenty on utube. I did not remove fans it comes out at a struggle.
  3. That is an awesome find, i know where to look if i need this in the future.
  4. Mine was well worn looked ok on visual inspection. No cracks or chunks missing, but had less than a quarter left was not far from the cord. Nice easy fix and was done as a matter of coarse with new alternator.
  5. That is good i hope it does not fail on a motorway, my bearing was alright no warning at all just packed up.
  6. My cars not on 70,000 miles yet let go coming home 1 am. Car started run for 6 minutes to defrost drove 100 foot, no lights on dash board at all. No headlights or sidelights, no power steering a knight mare. Shorted out fitting new alternator main fuse box . I would not wish this on anyone, fault Vsc and traction control when car got running. Fixed using the paper clip methord, every thing alright at the moment. I am thinking of doing starter and water pump, as all original as far as i know.
  7. Well i think you have found you're fault. Only noise i have herd of from dash, has been a rattly speaker on Is 250.
  8. Battery's go at around 12 years Alternators also, and they are a right pain to do. As above make sure all discs are shiny and not sticking.
  9. Yes alternator is correct one. Car is now running i got an auto technician, come out sunday. Main fuse board near battery had gone. He made a temp repair but now Vsr and tranction is on. But at least i can use the car now. Everything works lights air con heated seats radio etc.
  10. Headlights are the only thing working light wise on the outside not even side lights work.
  11. All fuses been checked, can not see any visible damage do not recall shorting out. Code reader will not communicate with the car so looks very bleak.
  12. Changed alternator now engine will not start. No rear lights or indicators, Battery just over 12 volts. No number plate light car will not open or shut with key fob.