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  1. The numbers inside are different. If you put 1D111 - 043G in it comes as a 2010 2011. The shape looks the same, see a lot are also Usa that model. If you can get one cheap enough give it a go. You may have to alter wiring .
  2. probably the latter,when i did mine wound fully out then 4 turns back in. It is a pain with the hub on.
  3. Do you do short journeys? I would try a fuel additive like Archoil, then give it an Italian tune up.
  4. I use cutting compound, and then wax them like john. Cars out side facing west.
  5. Mine is the Yuasa Hsb 030 - 5 year Guarantee. From Holfords i have a trade card so 20% off so not so bad.
  6. Batteries chuck loads of different fault codes. Just replaced my original battery, 12 years old . My car started, moved a short distance and did not start again. I would get it checked, halfords and the likes will check it for you.
  7. Just done them, used a hook shaped screw driver. Surprised how tight the nuts were on, did them with bonnet open. Cheers for the reply.👍
  8. Did you have the bonnet open Normski? Did you prise it from the bottom, seems a stiff so and so.Yes got some etching primer and satin black paint.
  9. Has any one removed wiper arms on the is 250. Drivers side requires painting, as going corroded. Normally plastic cap lifts but not playing ball. Thought it would be easy as have resent windscreen replacement.