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  1. Lens are the same, shame i just got rid of 2 replaced both of mine for new ones.
  2. I had this a while ago when alternator went. Had to clear, use a paper clip in pin 4 and opposite in obd . Turn ignition on and it goes through a sequence for about 5 secounds. Then start car run for roughly same time. Remove clip start car and mine was cleared.
  3. I changed mine a proper b to do the back bracket. A how to there is plenty on utube. I did not remove fans it comes out at a struggle.
  4. That is an awesome find, i know where to look if i need this in the future.
  5. Mine was well worn looked ok on visual inspection. No cracks or chunks missing, but had less than a quarter left was not far from the cord. Nice easy fix and was done as a matter of coarse with new alternator.
  6. That is good i hope it does not fail on a motorway, my bearing was alright no warning at all just packed up.
  7. My cars not on 70,000 miles yet let go coming home 1 am. Car started run for 6 minutes to defrost drove 100 foot, no lights on dash board at all. No headlights or sidelights, no power steering a knight mare. Shorted out fitting new alternator main fuse box . I would not wish this on anyone, fault Vsc and traction control when car got running. Fixed using the paper clip methord, every thing alright at the moment. I am thinking of doing starter and water pump, as all original as far as i know.
  8. Well i think you have found you're fault. Only noise i have herd of from dash, has been a rattly speaker on Is 250.
  9. Battery's go at around 12 years Alternators also, and they are a right pain to do. As above make sure all discs are shiny and not sticking.