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  1. Try a few tyre places you may get a deal for all four just avoid quick fit. You may need new suspension robbing so and sos.
  2. I have these on a spare set of wheels pretty good in the wet and hard wearing also. Also do them in the wider rears for not much more money.
  3. Yes i would think most key less entry vehicles could be stolen. I also believe Mercedes and Big off roaders are the main targets, reason been are targeted by eastern europeans or the likes, forged documents and then resold on. I personally hate key less vehicles, key in a lock has worked for many years. Trouble is all manufactureers are like sheep one does all do because its better??
  4. Vw group cars are terrible for it also ford mondeo. I suspect most modern cars, its an easy job if you saw what was involved you would begrudge paying lexus.
  6. That is reasonable but its not a difficult job to do. Obviously if you are not mechanical minded, its peace of mind and big cost saving over a caliper. Plenty of indie garages will do this job i imagine. With the bad weather we have had recently, it is something to consider if not been done. Personally i would wait till april is out. Beast from the north east expected beginning of Easter.
  7. Do you or any one who uses the car have rings. I must say i have never ever marked a steering wheel.
  9. No wheels need to be off the vehicle. We are not all mechanical minded, so do not be afraid to ask better safe than sorry. Plenty on utube and the like. It seems daunting but is not really. Like above have said if your not confident you may know some body who is. Like most of us on here, things seems scary or complicated and really are not. At the end of the day we can not all be good at everything. Learning and doing these kind of jobs is satisfying and also saving money.
  10. All modern cars by design need the sliders re greasing . Vw group cars are worse than ours as the rear calipers wind in . I do mine twice a year when winters go on and then off. Mot today and no advisories so happy days. As somebody above stated red rubber grease is the way to go.
  11. Speed Equips lexus is200

    Very nice will be a nice ride when finished.
  12. I do mine twice a year, when winter tyres go on and come off again.
  13. Chipsaway

    I will let you know what he says he is coming to my work place tonight. If i am quoted that i will go see guy who normally paints my cars. Full facility's and spray booth.