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  1. Clean the mass air flow sensor, also put some cataclean in the tank. Then give it an italian tune.
  2. Hi

    Can somebody help me with an answer about an software update and the price of it and aswell where i can do it

  3. Just use what you normally use. I use fully synthetic on all my changes.
  4. Do you park near or under a tree . Under the slam panel where the wipers are, if the breather holes are blocked then water over flows through the vents. Hence water in the car.
  5. It could be air con related, windscreen not seated right if been replaced. Do you have a sunroof??
  6. If the window has been slowing down. I would spray all the surround with silicon spray. What happens is the felt like material drys out.
  7. Is the alternater charging the battery? Normally when the battery goes that is it . They just die, mine was fine moved car a few feet nothing dead as a dodo.
  8. It is the battery numbe,r Yuasa took over Panasonic maker of original battery.
  9. HSB030 Battery Bought mine from Halfords 5 Yr Guarantee.
  10. Very nice have the wheels been refurbed. Mine is silver also love the colour.
  11. I have the same stereo, and the amplifier in the boot is a pioneer.