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  1. I have the same stereo, and the amplifier in the boot is a pioneer.
  2. I would of thought around 3 - 3500, mileage may be a factor but what kills these is the road fund licence. I believe they would command more money, but for this one factor. I can honestly say, mine has been a joy to own and drive, Cost has been fuel and oil changes, new plugs and a battery. Brake pads and discs new screen and that is it. Owned for 4 years so can not grumble, never had an advisory in my ownership. Car is in near mint condition, in and out 66,000 miles in the best colour silver. 1G1. I get loads of comments but the most offered 3,000.
  3. Lexus and the later Toyota wheels are rubbish. Just buy a set of aftermarket wheels a win win. £75.00 a corner is pretty steep to say the least, around £45.00 a corner where i come from.
  4. Nice one when a jobs done right satisfaction is greater. Sounds like the fitter knew what he was doing.
  5. I did not have an issue with wipers , i had £90.00 to pay, and had new Bosch wipers fitted which are terrible really. Denso ones were also not that good either.
  6. Yes as above came with wrong one, when they recently fitted mine. I ordered on line for home fitting, so took 3 more days. Yours has 3 sensor locations near mirror i believe its the one they brought for mine. So call them to make sure year model. Very happy with the service thou, Make sure any broken tabs are replaced. These are on the side pillars.
  7. Cheers for that just ordered some maf cleaner, says not to use anything else. I have electrical cleaner, never gave it a thought to use it.
  8. Code coming up to lean on bank one. Has any one replaced the maf sensor? Which one did you purchase was it Denso. Did you try cleaning old one and if so did it work?
  9. Copy and paste the numbers on to ebay comes up with the item.
  10. The numbers inside are different. If you put 1D111 - 043G in it comes as a 2010 2011. The shape looks the same, see a lot are also Usa that model. If you can get one cheap enough give it a go. You may have to alter wiring .
  11. You did not mention a sunroof or sun glass holder did you.