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  1. so i disassembled my charger yesterday to change the oil and have a look at the inside for wastage pics: for the people that can't get enough of my naked engine bay :D disassembly of the pulley: after that i tipped out the oil. sorry for the bad pics. the color looked like icetea just a bit thicker. that stuff stinks terrible - i nearly passed out when i opened the oil drain screw *gg* there didn' come out much oil (there should be about 100ml). for comparison: in the left bottle there are about 100ml of water, in the right the oil i caught from the charger next: housing a pic of my ride if anything would have gone wrong :D the rotor pack had a few scratches but was in a good condition as far as i saw. clearance was ok too. the inside a few scratches too, but not so bad like a buddy's charger i saw some time ago i couldn't get loctite510 so i bought this. its for seal up gearboxes and engines, so i think it will work with the charger aswell that stuff stinks even worse then the oil :D assembly i didn't want to wait for some special eaton charger oil so i bought gearbox oil (75w90). we'll see how clever that was... that damned ring - i had no fitting pliers so i tried to put it back on with two small screwdrivers and it worked :) nearly completed ready to put it back in. incl. testdrive it took me about 6 hours. it can be done much faster i guess but i didn't want to ruin the charger. as there was less oil left i'll open it again in 10-15000km to check how much oil i'm loosing.
  2. thanks where exactly do i have to write to? the eaton homepage is pretty confusing and i can just find the support for the USA.
  3. hi, unfortunately my supercharger (eaton m62) is leaking - i have oil all over in the piping. i already told Rob the problem and he meant that the seals from the rotor pack might be the problem. unfortunately TTE doesn't offer a repair-service. has anybody experience with bennet racing? i found the url somewhere here in the forum. their homepage says that they are familiar with the M62 so i wrote them a mail a few days ago but I havn't received an answer yet. or would it be better to send it to Eaton directly? thanks
  4. pics and results from the latest dyno day @0,32bar the old one: vid:
  5. go for it :D i guess the car will get more tailhappy
  6. i'll make a video when i got the charger etc. tuv approved the bov sounds pretty similar to the one in sparkystav's video new/used parts :) greddy boost gauge hks silent hi power
  7. nice ride what strut brace do you have there ?
  8. would you recommend to drive higher-octane fuel with the tte-charger (stock-setup)?
  9. spoon (i never remember his nick in here) borrowed me his old bov until i get my own put it on today :D :D vvvvrrrooooommmmm.... pppfffffzzztttthhh
  10. earm... yes- actually you are right - to put it simple: with the tuv-approval i have to go to the let's say "state-test-center" (don't know the word in engl.) and there i get all mods added to my car documents hopefully ... (red tape) hmm... as the fcd is hidden in the ecu-box i hope they won't mind
  11. thanks :) yes, i'm already thinking about tinting the windows :) and nope - the stickers are on the other side :D :D
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